Swamp People recap: Father and son moments, Glenn’s feet and Troy gets bit

Troy Landry on Swamp People
Troy Landry is quite sentimental this episode as he sets out with Jacob

Swamp People this week opens with a profound examination of self. King of the Swamp Troy Landry recollects his youth and bathes in a bit of nostalgia, and how his “blessed” bayou lineage carried him through life and continues with his sons.

Would he change it? No sir.

This episode crystallizes the eternal struggles that fathers and sons working alongside each other face. The good, bad and funny bits. It’s a poignant edition of Swamp People.

The 18th day of alligator season begins in Pierre Part as Jacob and Troy have 200 tags still left to fill.

A time out for some cheeky humor as Jacob cannot take seeing his dad’s plumber butt (builder’s bum for our UK readers) anymore.

Builder’s bum or plumber’s butt — one thing is for certain, Troy’s a belt hater

Troy jokes that belts are for one thing only, whooping. “Nobody wants to see your white a** all day,” jokes Jacob, who loses this first skirmish in the boat. Troy, my friends, is anti-belt.

They come up on a tight line, and whammo, a feisty “motherfricker” 9-footer nicknamed “Splasher” gets them both all wet right out of the gate.

Over to Bayou Benoit, Daniel Edgar is already on Dwaine’s case and it’s driving all of us crazy. We left them last with Dwaine walking away, and now Daniel is giving him the “I’ve never been an easy man” speech.

Dwaine now looks at his father differently. He says: “I just gotta let him be who he is.” Off they go. Time will tell for these two.

In Violet, poppa R.J. and son Jay Paul are embroiled in a “friendly rivalry.” A wager is made. Tommy is fired up and ready to whoop R.J.’s tail.

All in good fun, the Molinere clan wager a bet

Tommy and Jay Paul come up on one of their dad’s lines. Is he really going to steal his dad’s catch? Yes!

They totally pull up R.J.’s 8-foot gator when Uncle Al and R.J. motor up on them in the act.

Apparently, family poachers are looked upon in a different light. R.J.and Al both laugh it off and seem unimpressed by the dirty deed.

In Gonzales, Glenn and his crusty feet are back as pal Todd is playing guitar, and he picks his toes and muses about his boat in the shop. Cue the sh**kicker music on the radio as they head over to Jerry’s Boat Shop.

Glenn Guist’s feet should have their own Twitter account

The bill to fix it? $796! Glenn is short a few hundred. Todd mans up and covers the shortfall.

Some 35 miles south near Pierre Part, Troy and Jacob are hunting in their old stomping grounds. We learn Troy got his first boat when he was 12 years old!

You really do not want to smell this bucket of salmonella chicken

The gross-out moment is a “cesspool of salmonella” as a bucket of rotten chicken is pulled and baited for their gator lines. A hilarious soap-wasting discussion about hygiene and “growed up” kids ensues.

In Calumet Cut, Dwaine and Daniel are working on their getting along skills.

This monster picked the wrong time to take a sunbath

Suddenly a giant gator is seen floating on the water, as Dwaine is determined to catch this gargantuan — then hooks him with a fishing rod!

Daniel grabs a treble hook as they try to reel him in. This is one of the biggest we’ve seen! No lectures from Daniel!

Back 30 miles north to Pierre Part as the Landry duo has 10 gators in the boat. Troy and Jacob are on a roll.

Troy lets Jacob hang in a tree as he teases him. Jacob threatens to tell mama. The guys bag a gator they named “Winkie”.

Winkie is bagged as the Landrys are on a roll

Over to Violet as R.J. and Al are on the prowl. They have five gators and need more. Al and his trusty sidearm blam blam an 11-footer!

Al and his pistol bag this monster!

Glenn is grateful for Todd’s largesse and loan, and informs him he’s good for the dough. Now an idea strikes. Every Swamp person has a savings account in their backyard, ask any picker!

Not missing a beat, Glenn remembers he has a mess of old motors, eight to be exact, and he wants to cash them in to pay his pal back. Cha-ching!

This alligator is a mean and fiesty beastie

Now about 65 miles away in Calumet Cut, the “Double D” Edgar duo are having a really good day.

They bag and tag a meanie that snaps at the boat a bit too much.

Heading back 30 miles north to Pierre Part, and the Landry boat is nearly swamped with gators. They get a one-shot kill…or so they think.

Troy hauls him in before being turned on by the gator, who’s been playing possum.

Jacob kills the gator and Troy shows us how his rubber boots saved his bacon.

Troy thought he had killed this guy but no, the gator chomped on his ankle
Troy’s boots and a double layer of socks with a tooth hole in them are his ankle’s defense
A small guy with attitude, soon to be no longer

The Edgars are in high cotton and pull in a fighter “bull” gator that really has an attitude for such a small guy (6-footer). The Edgars are having quality time, a good day for sure.

Now the day comes to an end and the Molineres are settling their bets.

Tommy and Jay Paul are taking the mick out of R.J. and Al, as they race into the dock. These young guys are straight up cheaters.

At least Jay Paul puts his biceps to good use and helps his equally mesomorphic father load gators as Al and Tommy help too.

Glenn is wearing his best invisible shoes at the club

Okay, the show is wrapping up. Glenn Guist is barefoot in the club. He joins his pal onstage and sings a song as the sun goes down in Louisiana. Always a party going on.

We end with peace in the valley for the Edgar clan. Dwaine and Daniel have reached an accord. It’s a sweet ending to a season that has been defined by buyer’s remorse from Dwaine’s POV.

The Edgar haul is a good one by all accounts
Troy begins and ends the show with gratitude

Another soft sentimental moment as Troy revels in his family and especially two tow-headed grandchildren.

Family is the most important thing for all of us, and the Landrys realize this and celebrate their fellowship and downtime with their kin.

The next episode sees Joey in trouble and Frenchy and Gee up to their seasoning, while Troy is in harm’s way once again as a gator plays possum.

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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