Survivor: Winners at War cast will get paid more than any previous season

Jeff Survivor BW
Host Jeff Probst is ready to put on a great show with a cast of all winners. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

The Survivor stipends for Season 40 have been revealed and it looks like the Winners at War cast will get paid more than any previous season of the show.

Everyone gets paid to appear on Survivor, with stipends built in for the right to show people on television. Showing up for the Reunion Show — which can take place months after the location filming ends — also earns cast members a bonus.

As Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly has revealed, the Winners at War cast is getting a very nice bump in rates when compared to what the people participating on Season 39 received.

For Season 40, everyone earns at least $25,000 just for appearing on the latest All-Stars version of the show. They are also in line to receive a $10,000 bonus to appear during the Reunion Show at the end of the season.

This all means that each player — of the 20 new returning cast members — will walk away with at least $35,000 for taking part in Season 40. Lasting deeper into the season could yield even nicer paydays.

This is one of quite a few alterations for the Winners at War season that are designed to get the cast members and viewers at home excited. Another facet is that the Survivor 40 winner gets a $2 million prize instead of the typical $1 million prize.

As we recently reported, they are also introducing Fire Tokens, which will be used as a form of currency during the season. If it goes well, this could be something that returns long after the returning winners have decided who gets to take home this new grand prize.

In order to get viewers primed for the coming season, CBS is rolling out a retrospective episode a week before the Season 40 premiere. This special will showcase some of the classic moments and veteran players of the game who have helped the reality competition be a success for so long.

Survivor: Winners at War will air Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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