Survivor spoilers: Season 40 cast not a well-kept secret

Jeff Probst during Survivor Season 39 finale
Jeff Probst during Survivor Season 39 finale. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor spoilers regarding the Season 40 cast have been floating below the radar. Social media, the Survivor Reddit page, and quite a few fans have been passing on rumors about the Survivor Season 40 cast for a while now.

The Season 38 finale has to take place first and so does all of Season 39, which will come out in fall 2019. Survivor spoilers about that next season, which is going to be called “Island of Idols,” have also been leaked.

The reason so much information is already available about future seasons is that one has already been completed and one is in production. This has all happened before CBS has even given an official announcement to the public that Survivor has been renewed for more seasons.

Season 40 Survivor cast spoilers

The spring 2020 season of the show is only going to include past winners of the reality competition. This likely rules out the Season 38 winner, which will be revealed on May 15, as well as the Season 39 winner, which will be revealed in fall 2019.

There are several places where Survivor Season 40 cast lists are getting posted, but none of them have been officially confirmed yet. As such, they have to be taken with a grain of salt until confirmation comes from a reliable source.

One source on Reddit has posted a list of 10 men and 10 women that they are stating will be on the show. Those 20 people are listed below, but remember, this is not a confirmed list from CBS… yet.

If nothing else, it starts a conversation about who the best castaways to play the game have been over the years. It also helps to spread some buzz about what will take place during the 40th installment of the show.

Unofficial Survivor Season 40 cast

1. Richard Hatch
2. Yul Kwon
3. Rob Mariano
4. Tyson Apostol
5. Tony Vlachos
6. Jeremy Collins
7. Adam Klein
8. Ben Driebergen
9. Wendell Holland
10. Nick Wilson

1. Tina Wesson
2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
3. Danni Boatwright
4. Parvati Shallow
5. Sophie Clarke
6. Kim Spradlin
7. Denise Stapley
8. Natalie Anderson
9. Michele Fitzgerald
10. Sarah Lacina

Survivor airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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