Survivor spoilers: Did Season 37 winner get caught cheating?

Angelina Keeley is one of the final six castaways on Survivor Season 37
Angelina Keeley is one of the final six castaways on Survivor Season 37. Pic credit: CBS

Some possible Survivor spoilers have been posted on social media — which could be a potentially huge bombshell for the show.

With the Survivor season finale set to air on Wednesday night, it looks like there could be a lot of drama set to take place.

The information was posted on Twitter from a source close to the production team at CBS. The person typically provides Big Brother spoilers for fans, but has now posted would could be very important information about the current season of Survivor.

As seen in the Twitter post shared below, it could mean that a re-vote takes place during the live Survivor Reunion Show. It hints at the winner or the second-place finisher already being known and the the winner being a possible cheater. The key word, though, is “possible”.

Can these Survivor spoilers be trusted?

The information presented in the Twitter post above could certainly amount to accurate spoilers for Survivor Season 37.

REALvegas4sure is an account that typically has information about what is taking place on the Big Brother reality competition show. That information has always turned out to be correct.

While CBS hasn’t confirmed (or denied) that something is going on with the production of the show, this is a source that has elicited trust amongst fans by posting inside information about shows in the past.

With that being said, they could always be incorrect. However, it certainly suggests that something big is happening behind the scenes.

Will the Survivor Reunion Show provide a shocking twist?

In a second post from the REALvegas4sure account, it was stated that “another castaway recently narced on them,” when referring to the person who may have cheated on the show. They go on to say that, “And they talked to PAs who admitted they knew. It’s a mess.”

Fans of the show already know that most of the season is filmed on location, with the castaways getting to return home between the time they finish the show and when it premieres on CBS. Then, everyone comes back for the reunion and to reveal the final votes.

What exactly the potential Survivor cheater did or what contraband they had in camp is being heavily debated by fans on social media.

Survivor finale date arrives

The final six castaways this season are Kara Kay, Angelina Keeley, Alison Raybould, Mike White, Davie Rickenbacker, and Nick Wilson.

During the December 19 Survivor finale, viewers will find out who made it to the end and who has won the $1 million prize.

If proved accurate, these potential Survivor spoilers would likely shake up everything, including what is presented to viewers.

Did someone cheat? Has the accusation been overblown? Will CBS issue a press release about the situation? Viewers might just have to tune in to the season finale to find out all the answers.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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