Survivor: Joe Anglim and girlfriend Sierra Dawn-Thomas, are they still dating?

Joe Anglim Sierra
Joe Anglim is dating a former Survivor contestant. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube.

On Survivor Edge of Extinction, fan favorite Joe Anglim continues to prove he is a valuable player in the camp life and challenges but it has put a large target on his back. Many Survivor fans are wondering who is the Survivor heartthrob dating?

Before returning to Survivor for the third time, Joe revealed that he’s dating Sierra Dawn Thomas, whom he competed against on Survivor: Worlds Apart.

The couple is living together in Utah and Sierra continues to support him on Instagram as he continues to win challenges in Survivor Season 38.

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According to an interview, Joe and Sierra did not fall in love during Survivor: Worlds Apart, as his now-girlfriend voted him out in a tribal council. Joe revealed that their relationship developed after the game as they meet each other in post-Survivor events and began a relationship.

Joe moved to Utah to live with Sierra and the three-time Survivor challenger, who grew up in Scottsdale Arizona, revealed how he is adjusting to his new lifestyle.

“I’ve just been learning a lot about horses and doing a lot of equine massage and training,” Joe told The Salt Lake Tribune via Reality TV World.

Joe previously competed on Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance and is one of the four returning players along with Aubrey Bracco, Kelley Wentworth and David Wright for Survivor Edge of Extinction.

Joe Anglim is one of the favorites to make it far in the game but the Extinction Island twist and the merge in the next episode of Survivor will flip the game upside down.

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