Survivor 38, Episode 6 recap: Wardog Survivor actions become aggressive, Julie Rosenberg Etsy Shop gets free press

Wardog and Lesu tribe on Survivor 38
Wardog and Lesu tribe on Survivor 38. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 38, Episode 6 immediately followed Episode 5 on Wednesday night. The two-hour installment also meant that another Tribal Council was going to be in store for the castaways.

Reem Daly, Keith Sowell, Chris Underwood, Rick Devens, and Aubry Bracco were now the five people on Extinction Island. During the previous episode, Aubry was blindsided by her tribe, leaving an Immunity Idol in her pocket as she was voted out at Tribal Council.

Another Reward Challenge started out the second episode of the night. Kama won, again, with Manu finishing in second place, again. Kama received a nice selection of coffee, tea, pastries, and cookies. Manu received lesser portions of those same items, while Lesu went back to their camp with empty hands. Again.

Julie Rosenberg (Etsy Store owner) was shown being very confident back at the Kama camp. It’s easy to be confident when you are on the same tribe as Joe Anglim and keep winning challenges.

Wardog Survivor experience

At the Lesu camp, Wardog decided that it was time to work harder at getting Lauren voted out. He approached Kelley and David, stating that Lauren was wasting away and needed to go home.

Kelley found his tactics to be aggressive in nature and spoke to David about it. If Lesu went to a Tribal Council, it looked like Wardog could get voted out.

Extinction Island recap

The five castaways again found individual maps to a new treasure. This time, it was Keith who ended up discovering that treasure. His was described as a curse that he could place on his biggest enemy to slow them down in a future challenge.

Immunity Challenge

Kama won the Immunity Challenge, but it came with a twist. The other two tribes would both be going to Tribal Council, possibly putting a lot of people at risk of getting voted out.

Back at Lesu camp, Wardog started putting together a plan to work at getting Wendy voted out (from the Manu tribe). With eight people heading to Tribal Council, it meant that a possible 4-4 vote could happen.

A tie would mean picking rocks, and Wardog surmised that Wendy’s tribe would not want to save her in that fashion. Was the Wardog Survivor experience going to continue?

Season 38, Episode 6 Tribal Council

At the Tribal Council, the vote did end up in a 4-4 tie, as each tribe voted with their own tribe. The tribes were then allowed to chat a bit, which was not what Wendy would have liked.

At the re-vote, it was unanimous to vote out Wendy Diaz. She became the sixth person voted off Survivor 38. She then chose to head to Extinction Island.

A second castaway was also voted off on Wednesday night.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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