Survivor 37 episode 8 recap: Shocking Tribal Council, Pizza is on the line, secret power is found

Host Jeff Probst during a new episode of Survivor Season 37
Host Jeff Probst on Survivor Season 37. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor: David vs. Goliath returned with a new episode that dealt a couple of surprises. Season 37 Episode 8 dealt with the repercussions of what Angelina did to her former Goliath tribe members.

During the last episode, Alison won individual immunity. At Tribal Council, Angelina was put on the spot for revealing secrets about the Goliath alliance. In the end, it was Elizabeth who was voted out of the game. Angelina had made a huge mistake by telling Elizabeth she was the target.

To open this episode, Angelina was shown scrambling as she tried to reassure everyone that she was still on their side. It involved a lot of lies, including stating that Elizabeth had badgered her. Dan, Alison, and Alec were not buying it.

Survivor Season 37 Episode 8 recap

Nick and Davie went in search of an immunity idol, only to find a picture of the same symbol from the joint tribe feast. On it was a picture of a palm tree on the beach. They didn’t put it together until they were back on the beach, where just about everyone else in the tribe was also residing.

One served as a distraction, while Nick went and got the prize. It was the ability to steal the vote of another castaway at tribal council. The trio of Nick, Carl, and Davie now had another power to work with.

Reward Challenge

Two teams of six had to hold sandbags above their heads. Attached to the sandbags (10 pounds each) were ropes that help a trough of water in place. The last team to remain dry would win.

On the line were 12 pizzas for the winners. Jeff teased them by allowing each of the 12 castaways to take a bite of one slice that they passed around.

Dan got cocky and dropped one for his team. The team of Christian, Gabby, Nick, Alec, John, and Alison ended up winning the reward.

It left the other team pretty upset at Dan, who had been showing off while holding three bags in one hand. Would it have any impact, though? Dan is in a power position, especially with two idols in his possession.

A target for Tribal Council

The former Goliath tribe members got together and decided that they were going to blindside Christian. They were going to be telling former members of the David tribe to vote for Angelina as a distraction technique.

Immunity Challenge

The 12 castaways had to stand on a perch and hold a buoy in place with two sticks. All they had to do was remain standing on their perch. The last person still on their perch would be declared the winner of the individual immunity.

A lot of people fell out of the challenge quickly. Seven people were out in a matter of minutes.

Angelina and Dan were the final two castaways left in the competition. Angelina lost control of her buoy, causing her to be eliminated. That meant Dan had won individual immunity.

Another Survivor Tribal Council

This new Survivor recap ends with another Season 37 Tribal Council. There was a lot of chatter suggesting that Christian and Angelina were both targets for getting voted out.

During the reading of the votes by host Jeff Probst, Davie stood up and gave Christian his immunity idol. It discounted any votes for Christian. Then, Dan stood up, using one of his immunity idols to protect Angelina. Any votes for Angelina would then not count.

With two votes, John became the ninth person voted out.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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