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Surgery, ‘zombie apocalypse’ and new love on Little People, Big World Season 12

Matt talks to the family about preparing for a possible 'zombie apocalypse' on Little People, Big World Season 12
Matt talks to the family about preparing for a ‘zombie apocalypse’ on Little People, Big World Season 12

Little People, Big World Season 12 premieres tonight on TLC — and here’s what’s coming up in what promises to be one of the most emotional and testing seasons yet for the Roloff family.

At the end of last season, head of the family Matt found out he’s facing risky surgery on his spine with specialists in LA, and Season 12 of Little People, Big World kicks off with him having the op.

Asked how their dad is doing ahead of the operation on his neck, the kids say: “He’s not healthy.”

Footage shows Matt hobbling around the house in a neck brace and grimacing as he struggles with the pain. He also struggles with the cabin fever of being stuck in the house unable to get out.

And he’s concerned that their pumpkin crop is not getting the attention it deserves in his absense, suggesting they get cameras fitted so he can tell what’s happening without having to leave the house.

Matt’s surgery took place back in June this year while Season 12 was filming, with him coming out of it successfully.

But he also has other struggles with ex-wife Amy still living on the same property despite the couple finalizing their divorce at the end of last season.

Meanwhile, Zach and Tori have just announced she is pregnant and they are expecting a baby in the spring. But footage filmed during the upcoming season shows Zach was not 100 per cent committed to doing it so soon, saying: “I think we should wait until next summer.”

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And things start to get surreal for the family when Matt gets them to build an emergency bunker in a shipping container in case of “earthquake, nuclear war, or zombie apocalypse”.

In other news, Amy starts testing the water about getting back into the dating scene — and she’s feeling youthful again thanks to her new-found single status. Watch the clip below as she says: “I find the single life at my stage right now all brand new. I feel like I’m back in high-school again.”

That means she also has to break the news to Matt. But will she find new love?

Little People, Big World Season 12 premieres tonight at 8/7c on TLC. 

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