SuperHuman exclusive clip, dance moves identified and Christina Milian’s hot Salsa demo

SuperHuman contestant Jared Hughes
Jared Hughes extensive dance background makes him tonight’s SuperHuman!

Dance expert and teacher Jared Hughes will dazzle on FOX’s SuperHuman this week. His amazing skill is that he can recognize dances by listening only to the footsteps.

Originally, Hughes hails from Ohio. He began his dance career at the age of 14. His tutor for break-dancing was Bobby Blaze (of the IllStyle Rockers). Hughes was a dance natural, and he soon added Ballroom, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip-Hop to his electric B-boy moves.

Going professional, Jared eventually opened his own dance studio in Cleveland, Ohio. He then expanded his sphere of influence in dance to help out a non-profit organization that brings art into inner-city elementary schools.

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A bit later in 2012, Jared took his dancing skills west and moved to Los Angeles. Now, Jared is the co-owner of Let’s Dance Santa Monica Dance studio in Santa Monica and teaches throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

But on tonight’s SuperHuman and Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, host Kal Penn and Jared invite Christina Milian to take the stage and to Salsa with him.

Penn asks judge Christina Milian if she knows the Latin dance moves: “Christina, you have mad dance skills. How many of these dances do you think you could recognize sight unseen?

Mike Tyson, Jared Hughes and Christina Milian
To Mike Tyson’s delight, Milian whips around lightening fast with jared in a Salsa!

Millian had to think about her answer, saying: “I couldn’t differentiate any of them, to be honest with you. But I’ve actually done all three of those dances before on a dance competition show.”

Tonight’s episode is titled Powers of Deduction and will showcase the talented Hughes.

Christina Milian Demonstrates Her Salsa Dancing Skills | Season 1 Ep. 7 | SUPERHUMAN

SuperHuman airs Monday at 9 PM ET/PT on FOX

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