SuperHuman exclusive: Beauty expert matches kissers to lipstick prints

Contestant Amber on FOX's SuperHuman
Contestant Amber Rosser tells Kal Penn how she can identify kissers by their lip prints

Loose lips sink ships, and tell-tale lipstick left behind at the scene of a crime is a marker for experts to trace and discover the true identity of the maker of the prints, much like a footprint or a fingerprint.

Sealed with a kiss? It’s more than a common expression tonight on FOX, as SuperHuman features salon owner Amber Rosser who can match lips to lip prints.

This is a bonafide skill. Did you know lip print analysis is used by police and detectives to break cases?

Watch our exclusive clip below as host Kal Penn leads contestant Amber to the stage and introduces five bachelors picked from the audience by host Christina Milian.

Explaining how this feat will go down, Penn says: “Each of the bachelors is holding an envelope that has been sealed with a kiss. Your job is to properly match these lip prints to the five women who kissed those enveloped.”

Five random women selected to make lip prints on FOX SuperHuman
The kissers have left their mark, will Amber match their prints to their pouts?

Amber, who has honed her skills through her work in the beauty industry, is super confident in her lip-reading abilities and lets Kal know she is up for the challenge.

After five women are led out, Amber then explains her modus operandi and starts to cleverly link the lips to the relevant lipstick print.

One kisser is matched to her print
Amber explains depth and smoothness are quantifiable markers in identifying lips

The analysis by Amber includes her remarks about lip volume and even depth ratios which are meticulously explained as she pairs the lip prints to their maker with what appears to be stunning accuracy.

But will she be able to get them all correct?

SuperHuman airs Monday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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