Supergirl: Van Helsing star cast as villain in Season 5 premiere

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.
Supergirl will fight a new villain, Midnight, in the show’s fifth season premiere. Pic credit: The CW.

Supergirl will be fighting a new baddie in her show’s Season 5 premiere.

Jennifer Cheon Garcia will guest star as the villainous Midnight in the episode, reports Variety. The character is described as “a murderous villain” who is “the physical manifestation of darkness.” Midnight will be seeking revenge against the individual who put her in an “otherworldly prison.”

Jennifer Cheon Garcia
Jennifer Cheon Garcia will play Midnight in the fifth season premiere of Supergirl. Pic credit: Jeffery Fountain

Cheon Garcia most recently appeared as Ivory in the series Van Helsing. However, she’s no stranger to the CW or the Arrowverse. She’s had guest-starring roles on both The 100 and Supernatural. She also played a police officer in five episodes of the second season of Arrow.

According to, there have been several characters named Midnight in DC Comics. However, the description for Supergirl’s Midnight doesn’t sound like any of the previous incarnations, making it likely that this will be a totally original character.

It was previously announced that Supergirl will be adding three new characters to its roster: Meaghan Rath as Brainiac 5, Julie Gonzalo as Andrea Rojas, the alter-ego of Acrata, and Staz Nair as reporter William Dey. The latter two characters will also be making their debuts in Supergirl’s fifth season premiere.

Supergirl Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on The CW. 

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