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Super-fan challenge brings Maci Bookout to Naked and Afraid, exclusive previews

The Naked and Afraid super-fan challenge brings two complete strangers, lacking any real survival experience, to attempt their own 14-day challenge in a wild setting.

In an interesting twist, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, who is normally is extinguishing reality TV show drama on her series, was selected as a contestant. Bookout is testing her reality TV toughness, stripping down and going for a really challenging 14-day competition that will pace her in a very dangerous setting.

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout is ready for the challenge in Nicaragua

We have two new exclusive previews of the episode of Discovery‘s Naked and Afraid, where Bookout spends her first day in the Nicaraguan jungle trying to make a fire. Not easy to do, it takes concentration, and dry tinder, hard to accomplish in the humid jungle.

The tattooed reality star has 14 days to stick it out in a place riddled with insects, snakes, and other aggressive predators.

Bookout’s partner is Justin Tuell, an ICU nurse. Together these two will be fully naked and will test their mental and physical strength on television’s toughest survival show on this special super-fan challenge.

Maci is dead set on winning this challenge and says: “I’ve been a fan of naked and afraid for years, and even though I may not be an expert I’ve been camping multiple times a year in my entire life. And this challenge it is something that I’m dying to do and I really really want it.”

Being a teem mom has given Maci an “edge” as she adds: “I was a teen mom. Being a mom prepares you for a situation like this because the motherly instinct kicks in and gives me an edge.”

The date of the premiere is June 24, as Maci and Justin will try to last 14 days without food, water, shelter, and clothing in a setting so inhospitable, that those 14 days will feel like an eternity.

What obstacles will they encounter?

Despite Maci and Justin’s mutual shared interest for the competition of Naked and Afraid, it remains to be seen if their enthusiasm to be on the series will carry them through a grueling 14 days.

Nicaraguan jungles are home to hungry predators, 15 recorded venomous reptiles including 11 varieties of pit-vipers, hyper-aggressive howler monkeys, and a punishing dry season that has left vegetation and freshwater scarce. Arachnophobes note that spiders of Nicaragua are described as “dark, hairy, and occasionally capable of devouring small birds.”

Hopefully, Maci and Justin will not run into the pica-caballo, a tarantula-type arachnid whose name references the flesh-rotting venom that can destroy a horse’s hoof. Adding to that is a bit of good news, as Nicaragua’s scorpions (alacránes) are also black and big—but their venom is not life-threatening like the smaller, translucent ones found in Mexico.

But the most tenacious and alarming insect of all is the Chagas bug. Chagas bugs will bite a human, then defecate in the wound. The disease it carries will manifest in swollen glands then go into a 5 to 30-year remission phase. Chagas can reappear and cause fatal heart complications, and there’s no cure.

Naked and Afraid Super-Fan Challenge airs Sunday, June 24 at 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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