Sunny Hostin’s critics react to a surprise visitor in The View’s audience

Sunny Hostin at an event for The View
Sunny Hostin’s critics reacted to Ryan Reynolds and his mom showing up at The View. Pic credit: ©

Typically, when celebrities stop by The View, they do so by booking an interview slot to share about a new project, and they sit at the table with the ladies.

But someone famous stopped by recently, not to tout a project or new show, but to appease their mom, and fans loved it.

Whoopi Goldberg started the show as usual but looked up and seemed surprised by the actor she saw sitting in the audience. Seeing him in the audience made her stop to get a beat.

“Oh snap!” Whoopi began once she gathered her thoughts. She then said, “Ryan Reynolds is sitting in the audience.”

She then explained that this does happen, not often, but has happened, and asked him why he was in the show’s audience that day.

The View captioned a video of the encounter, ” Do we spy… Ryan Reynolds in our audience!? 👀 He fulfilled his mom’s dream and brought her to ‘The View’! ❤️”

‘Blake’s husband’ showed up in the audience at The View, and fans loved it

Ryan explained that his mom was there visiting her grandkids and wanted to see a taping of The View. Ryan’s mom explained that she continuously records the show to watch and is a big fan.

Fans loved the interaction, especially when Ryan called himself “Blake’s husband” and commented on The View’s YouTube channel.

One fan said of Ryan, “Hey, I’m a big fan.” Another laughed at Ryan, calling himself “Blake’s husband.” Ryan is married to the actress Blake Lively.

Sunny Hostin's fans share about Ryan Reynolds on The View
Fans of Sunny Hostin comment about Ryan Reynolds in the audience on The View. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Another fan praised Ryan’s mom, “His mom raised a wonderful kind and loving son. We appreciate him and thank you for him. He’s the best.”

Another fan said, “Ryan is such a nice man.”

Fans comment about Ryan Reynolds and his mom on The VIew
Fans comment about Ryan Reynolds and his mom showing up at The View. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Fans call out Sunny Hostin over Ryan Reynolds’ visit to the audience

Viewers were not as kind to Sunny Hostin on the YouTube thread.

Sunny took the time to thank Ryan’s mom for watching the show and being a fan, but critics thought to call her out.

One fan was sure Sunny would brag about seeing Ryan and his mom in the audience because that makes her “feel special.”

Another fan said, “Sunny already thinks she’s incredibly special. And she is, just not in a good way.

Sunny Hostin fans comment about The View
Fans call out Sunny Hostin on The View. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

These posts are not the first time fans have had a problem with Sunny. They were vocal on social media over Sunny’s views about Gypsy-Rose Blanchard.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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