Sunny Hostin tells critics ‘I don’t care’ and The View fans have her back

Sunny Hostin at a random event.
Sunny Hostin doesn’t care what critics say about her. Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin was on a tear today on The View over a topic that Whoopi Goldberg brought up during a hot topic segment.

Whoopi Goldberg brought up the subject of body positivity, and Sunny took the floor and made her views on the subject very clear.

The ladies lament that people love complaining about celebrities and commenting on their bodies after Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman spoke out.

Sunny started her diatribe against those critics by commenting on her age. Sunny is 55, and people cannot believe the young-looking host is halfway to sixty.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, people were stunned when she said her age aloud on The View.

Sunny is speaking to the “unhappy trolls in our country” when she says, “I’m 55. I get criticized often on the stupid social media things…Guess what? I don’t care.”

Fans of Sunny and The View have her back on social media

Sunny loves how she looks and wears items that others have criticized her over, such as being too young. But as soon as Sunny finished saying, “I like to wear what I like to wear,” fans started to post on X, formerly Twitter.

One fan told her, “Talk about it, @sunny. Be happy in your skin and your age, @TheView #TheView.”

A fan of The View comments to Sunny Hostin about her looks.
Pic credit: @MarquezG/X

Another one made sure to back Sunny up and tell her, “Wear what you want to wear, @sunny. You always slay, queen.”

A fan of Sunny Hostin on The View tells her she always slays.
Pic credit: @TheSistahChick/X

The entire clip can be seen on The View’s X account.

During the discussion, Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out to Joy Behar that she got called a “hot Joy Behar” too long ago. Joy recently told the joke about it on The View: Behind the Table podcast. She was mistaken for a tourist, and someone said she looked like a “hot Joy Behar.”

Sunny shared a photo of her and Joy Behar that has fans doing a double-take

Sunny took Joy to a sample sale and shared a selfie of themselves with fans on Instagram.

Joy turned 81 last year and has been the brunt of numerous age jokes, even on the show by guests.

But when she went out with Sunny, both of them looked to be enjoying themselves, and fans took notice. One last sampling of the comments called them “pretty girls.”

One fan said, “It’s the smile for me. ” Another thought of “the giggles” they must have shared during the outing.

Fans compliment Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.
Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

Sunny made it clear today that she is enjoying her age and makes no apologies for what she wears.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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