Sunny Hostin from The View and her run in with a RHONY star explained

Sunny Hostin at a random event
Sunny Hostin loves a good tag sale and this one was one not to miss! Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin loves good sales and often goes with another friend from The View to sample sales in NYC.

According to Sunny, in the podcast The View: Behind the Table, Sunny and Joy Behar often shop together.

She introduced Joy to these types of sales and now goes with Joy as often as she can, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

A famous Bravolebrity announced a similar sale on Instagram; Sunny would not want to miss this sale as it was all about fashion.

Jenna Lyons of the newly revamped Real Housewives of New York City shared that she was hosting a “stoop sale” midweek, and fans of fashion and RHONY started to line up ready to shop.

Jenna captioned her post, “This is not a drill! STOOP Sale…Tell your friends!” Sunny went, and something she bought went viral.

Sunny shared on Instagram that she was ‘the woman’ who got the Prada coat

Sunny heard about the sale, and if anyone knows Jenna Lyons in person or from RHONY, you know she had great taste in clothing. So, buying from her Stoop sale out of her closet is great for fashionistas.

An article from The Cut quoted Sunny as saying, “I called Jenna and asked if there was anything left. She came down to get me.” One item in great demand was a Prada Shearling coat Jenna was selling for $850.

Jenna Lyons posted a Prada coat for sale that Sunny Hostin snagged
Jenna Lyons posted a Prada Shearling coat for sale, and Sunny Hostin had to have it. Pic credit: @jennalyonsnyc/Instagram

Sunny shared another quote from The Cut about Jenna’s sale on her Instagram and started explaining. She did not realize then that she would become “the woman” who got to buy that fabulous coat.

Sunny shared a quote about the coat she purchased
Sunny shared a quote about the Prada coat she bought. Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

Is there any hope Sunny could be on RHONY?

Sherri Shephard is just one person who has asked if this interaction between Jenna and Sunny could lead to a collaboration that would include Sunny holding an apple on The Real Housewives of New York City.

Sherri said, “Cut to Sunny holding an apple next season.” Sunny had to respond with a laughing emoji.

A fan said, “Ha!!! You are a FORCE!! I stand with the community of jealous women.”

One fan said, “Oh, that’s my friend,” and another said, “Oooh, I’m jealous of you.”

Fans of Sunny Hostin remark about her score at a tag sale by Jenna Lyons
Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

You never know; between co-hosting on The View and writing bestselling books at night, maybe Sunny could also fit in filming a reality television show.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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