Sunny Hostin called on to correct her remarks about Doctors of Osteopathy

Sunny Hostin on The View
Sunny Hostin on The View is being called on to correct remarks she made about Doctors of Osteopathy. Pic credit: ABC

Recently, the ladies on The View were discussing former President Donald Trump and his alleged cognitive decline.

Whoopi asked what was happening. She pondered if Trump was doing this on purpose or if it could be a medical condition.

Alyssa Farah Griffin commented that it could just be a slowing down from age. Then Sunny Hostin, the doctor’s wife, remarked.

Sunny has been married to a doctor for over twenty years. Her husband, Emmanuel Hostin, is an orthopedic surgeon and went to John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Sunny said of Trump’s doctor, “His doctor is not a medical doctor, but a D.O., a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine. There is a difference between the two.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, both Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy have to take residencies and pass the same licensing exams.

The View fans are telling Sunny she is wrong

Viewers took what Sunny said about Doctors of Osteopathy as a slam against them, thinking she implied medical doctors were superior or better in some way.

One user, @jback65, said that Sunny “needs to correct her very misguided comment about DOs.” The user reminded the ladies that Whoopi says The View will say something if a mistake is made.

Fan of The View on X sounds off on Sunny Hostin
Fan of The View on X. Pic credit: @jback65/X

Whoopi has issued apologies, most recently over The View ignoring Indigenous People’s Day. Perhaps The View will have Sunny offer one for this gaff.

Another user, @TheRealEmpPalps, told Sunny, “Shame on you @sunny on the DOS are not the same as MDs. That is highly false! My husband is a DO and I found that highly insulting. He saved many lives during COVID, what did you do exactly?”

The View fan on X calling out Sunny Hostin
The View fan on X, formerly named Twitter. Pic credit: @TheRealEmpPalps/X

Sunny admits she may need therapy again

Sunny has admitted in the past that she may need therapy. Recently, on the podcast for her show, The View: Behind the Table, hosted by Brian Teta, she described a situation she had with her son Gabriel going out with an older woman.

Brian brought up that Sunny had mentioned to Ana Navarro that she should date her son if she were younger. Sunny started talking about an incident that Gabriel had with a nurse, which Sunny thought was inappropriate.

He was caught on a date after going to get bloodwork done. Sunny found him paddleboarding with a woman.

Sunny described how worried she was and her problems with her daughter Paloma growing up. She said she almost needs to be in therapy for raising teens today.

Sunny is close to her children and committed to keeping those relationships close.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Nick S.
Nick S.
4 months ago

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) has equivalent practice rights, medical curriculum, and professional responsibilities as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the US and 65+ other countries. Same medical curriculum, same residencies, both are found in all specialties. The only difference is DO’s receive an additional 200+ hours of training in osteopathic manual treatment, which is used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal pain. The current term to describe a US DO is Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, not “doctor of osteopathy”.

Peggy Amaturo
Peggy Amaturo
4 months ago

My son is a DO trauma surgery at a level 2 center in NYC. he always lectures MD residents. They take the same exam and boards test. They are doctors and she should ask her husband. Sorry you were wrong this time Sunny.