SummerSlam drama on Total Divas as Nikki and Brie Bella have a bakery brawl

Nikki Bella on Total Divas
A goof fight turns into a real fight tonight on the Total Divas season finale

Tonight on Total Divas, an unlikely fight breaks out between Brie and Nikki Bella over SummerSlam — in a bakery of all places.

It’s yummy “cheat day” for fit-as-a-fiddle Nikki, but the indulgence sees Brie judge her for her calorific goodie fix.

Nikki stops and turns on her sister, saying: “Yeah, it’s my cheat day. Can I have fun and not be judged?”

Brie acts like she’s slightly offended as Nikki adds: “Brianna, I do what I want.”

Nikki shuts down Brie’s cookie shaming fast

The pair then sit down and start talking about SummerSlam, appearing to be having a great time. But then things go really south fast.

Brie tells Nikki she pitched her to her husband Daniel Bryan for the SummerSlam lineup, as they need a big female star to headline the bill.

But Nikki flips out at Brie for putting her forward without asking first.

She says to Brie: “You really said that? I never asked you to do that. I don’t need people’s help to get on the show. You should know that…being a woman wrestler. You don’t do that. That really pisses me off, Brie.”

The face says it all, Nikki is pissed off at Brie for suggesting she be considered for SummerSlam

Brie is taken aback. She really looks like she had no idea this proposal would cause Nikki to flip out.

She tells Nikki: “You are being really ungrateful. All I did was try to help…”

Also on tonight’s tasty but testy season finale, the Divas take New York during SummerSlam week.

Nicole must make peace with herself for not being able to make a splashy comeback, and Maryse throws a themed party where Lana challenges Trinity to a dance-off.

Also SummerSlam is in freefall after Eva is suspended DAYS before the event, which leaves the superstars wondering who will slot in for her.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on E!.

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