Summer Nights continues on Hallmark with premiere of The Baker’s Son

Brant Daugherty on The Baker's Son
Brant Daugherty stars in the Hallmark Channel original movie The Baker’s Son, which premieres Saturday, June 12 at 9/8c. Pic credit: Crown Media

Hallmark Channel’s Summer Nights movie events will continue with the premiere of an original movie, The Baker’s Son, Saturday, June 12, at 9/8c. The film tells the story of a baker whose bread takes on almost magical properties when he is in love.

Brant Daugherty stars as the baker, Matt, and Eloise Mumford plays his best friend, Annie, who runs a diner on the island where they live.

When a traveling dance troupe comes to town, Matt falls for one of the dancers, and his baking goes from okay to outstanding. Suddenly tourists are coming from near and far to try it, giving a much-needed boost to the local economy.

But when things don’t work out with the dancer, Matt falls into despair, and his bread suddenly becomes mediocre again. That’s when Annie realizes her feelings for her best friend and must find the courage to tell him.

A special time

In a preview for the movie, Daugherty, who starred in Pretty Little Liars and Fifty Shades Freed, said the film will always have a special place in his heart. While he was filming the final scene on location in Vancouver, his wife gave birth to their first child, a son, in Los Angeles.

“Whenever I watch this movie, I’m going to know that the day we did the scene on the dock was the day I was waiting for my son to be born,” he said in an interview with the Hallmark Channel.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Daugherty said he hadn’t planned to be away when his wife gave birth. His son was due two days after the Hallmark movie wrapped.

“I thought, I’ll take the film as a way of providing for my family, and hopefully I’ll make it,” he said. “A lot of first babies come late.”

But his wife, Kimberly Hidalgo, went into labor early. So he ended up checking in on her in between takes via Zoom. After 30 hours in labor, his wife had a C-section, which he watched over FaceTime.

“My sister-in-law held the camera up for an hour while it all happened,” he said.

All’s well that ends well

He was able to return to Los Angeles soon after and meet his son, Wilder David, in person.

In addition to becoming a dad while on set, Daugherty took baking lessons with a French master to prepare for his role.

“Bread is definitely the star of the movie,” he said.

The Baker’s Son will air on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, June 13, at 9/8c.

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