Street Outlaws exclusive: Dominator worries ahead of Monza drag race

Dominator is worried ahead of the Monza race, will he keep his rank?
Dominator is worried ahead of the Monza race. Will he keep his rank? Pic credit: Discovery

Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws brings us the intense personalities of the OKC crew that races in the dark of night. Our exclusive clip is an intimate reveal ahead of tonight’s race as one racer, Dominator, explains the reason he is doing what he does, to keep his rank and place.

Based on the colorful collection of characters that producers have found in the streets of Oklahoma, this series has become one of the most-watched drag racing programs ever on television, characters with over-the-top personalities, on-screen shenanigans and tonight we will learn more about Joe Woods, aka Dominator.

On Street Outlaws, fans and viewers know Dominator as a street racer, but may not know that he excels at race car builds, and he is also an avid car collector with a really strong base of car knowledge, history and know how.

Who is Dominator?

Joe Woods is who viewers have come to love and know as Dominator. He is a popular cast member on Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws. According to his official bio, his first racing rig was a 56′ Chevy that he had at the age of thirteen!

Since then he has been hooked hard on muscle cars and has owned and fixed up many vehicles.

Joe has been racing for years and his current car viewers can catch him on Street Outlaws in a 1967 Dodge Dart that he has put together on a limited budget.

Explaining how he got swept up into the love of racing and how he became a car enthusiast, he told

“I grew up as the son of a man that never stopped working other than to eat, and then it was back outside working on cars and trucks to either make an extra dollar or just get to work the next day,” Joe explains. “I was the little runt that was hooked and wouldn’t get out of the way, so my dad or my uncle gave me a carburetor that he had the bolts broken loose on and they said ‘here, take this apart.'”

In the same interview, he explained how growing up in the halcyon days of American muscle cars informed his passion and fueled his interest in working with cars.

“I grew up in the backyard shade tree mechanic world of the 1970s where ‘60s model GTOs, Road Runners, Super Bees, Chevelles, and Camaros weren’t but 10 years old and the Tri-5 Chevys were being cut up and either slammed down low or getting straight axles — and slots were the must-have wheels.”

In our exclusive clip posted below, Dominator explains how he has to race to stay in the ranks on Street Outlaws.

He says, “I started the season at number 9…I lost against Shane… I lost against Boosted last weekend… I hate racing Monza like this but I’ve got to win this race in order to keep my spot.”

Make sure to tune in tonight to see how he stacks up against the Monza and if he wins the race:

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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