Stranger Things Season 4 gets new trailer ahead of release date

Eleven is seemingly apprehended
Millie Bobby Brown returns in the upcoming Stranger Things 4 in 2022. Pic credit: Netflix/YouTube

Stranger Things Season 4 gets another teaser trailer as part of its Tudum event on Saturday.

Netflix confirms that the upcoming season will premiere in 2022 but stopped short of offering a release date for the calendar.

Depending on when Stranger Things 4 comes out next year, it would be around three years since the current season was released.

Season 3 of Stranger Things, which dropped on July 4, 2019, was the most popular in the series history. Deadline reported that 64 million households watched the eight-episode season in the first month of its release.

The ‘kids’ of Stranger Things are now high-schoolers and appear grown up in the slew of creepy teaser trailers leaving clues about the upcoming season

The announcement trailer marked the beginning of production for Season 4 and featured a grandfather clock in what appears to be the Upside Down concluding with the tagline “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.”

The teaser led to speculation about part of the series being filmed in England or Russia.

The official trailers appear to be connected; therefore, here are the previous trailers and the new teaser released during the Tudum event.

Stranger Things previous trailers explained

The first real teaser released on February 14, 2020, titled, From Russia with love…, along with the caption, 001/004, teases the return of Jim Hopper, who appears to be in a prison camp in Russia.

The second teaser, titled, Eleven, are you listening?”, with the caption 002/004, takes place in the Hawkins National Laboratory and features Dr. Martin Brenner, who told a group of children, “Today, I have something very special planned for you.”

Then the camera shows a room with the number 11 with Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, hyperventilating in the background.

Finally, the video ends with Dr. Brenner saying, “Eleven, are you listening?” before the scene cuts to Eleven opening her eyes.

Stranger Things new trailer confirms pattern

The new teaser trailer is titled, Creel House, with the caption 003/004. The first teaser is “001/004,” and the second is “002/004,” a pattern that seemingly confirms Netflix will release one more trailer before the premiere date.

The teaser introduces the Creel house, which appears picturesque with a family moving into the residence.

However, an Upside Down-inspired version of the home features the Stranger Things kids Will, Lucas, Max, Dustin, and Steve exploring the house for clues.

The title may be in reference to the new character Victor Creel, played by Robert Englund.

Notably, the clock, which was teased in the announcement trailer, returns.

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