Stranger Things Season 3 trailer finally hits and introduces the villain

Stranger Things season 3 trailer finally hits and introduces the villain
Eleven has her hands full in Season 3 of Stranger Things. Pic credit: Netflix

The first few looks at Stranger Things Season 3 barely hinted at anything truly scary except for brief glimpses at the end of the original trailer. It looked more like a summer vacation for the kids.

Thankfully, the new trailer puts any fears to rest and shows that there are some really big scary things coming and it looks like a jerk from Season 2 will become a primary bad guy in Season 3.

As the trailer hints, when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) closed the portal to the other world, she might have accidentally left the monster on their side of the world. Now, the Mind Flayer needs a new vessel.

From the look of the trailer, that new vessel is Billy (Dacre Montgomery), someone who was a bad kid in Season 2 and might host the greatest evil of all in Season 3.

The new Stranger Things trailer also shows a lot of action, a big scary monster, and a ton of action at the mall.

Did I mention that the Mind Flayer speaks this time around?

“You let us in, and now you are going to have to let us stay,” the Mind Flayer said in the new trailer. “We are going to end you. We are going to end your friends. And we are going to end everyone.”

Stranger Things season 3 hits Netflix on July 4.

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