Stranded with a Million Dollars recap: The Planet Millennial becomes a camping competition edition

Makani and Cody drinking to “surviving and thriving” til Day 40 on Stranded with a Million Dollars

Twelve days into Stranded with a Million Dollars, and the good guys finally start taking what they’re entitled to from the #MeanGirls on this survival reality show.

Actually, I should say the “good girl” fought back, because Makani’s the one who finally stood up to Alex.

Cody’s enjoying all the benefits without sticking his neck out. How perfect.

The #MeanGirls (that’s what I call Alex’s alliance) have claimed the one tent belonging to the group for their own every single night.

Alex, Alonzo, Eilish, and Gina refuse to share anything they voted for at the group buy.

That’s not exactly against the rules, but the rules say that group property belongs to everybody. Meaning that if you don’t work out a deal to share, whoever takes possession of the item has it.

Until somebody else takes it away.

Makani is the winner this week, after taking control of the group’s tent

Makani suggests the group buy a second tent, but Alex puts the kibosh on it.

“Basically when we get to the next location, I’m going to set up the tent and get in it,” Makani says.

They get their next journey assignment. Three hours to go 4.4 km, or they lose $100,000.

Gina moans and complains through the entire hike. It’s not that bad of a walk. I’m still trying to figure out when this show is going to get challenging.

Map of the route they must take on their journey to the new campsite.

When they arrive at their new campsite, Cody goes looking for water right away.

Alonzo and Alex sit on their butts, chatting about how screwed they’d be without a tent, and how muddy the new campsite is going to be if it rains.

“I’m just thankful we don’t gotta build a shelter. I couldn’t do it. I don’t feel like even figuring it out,” Alonzo says.

Alex has no idea how right he is when he predicts the “shelter showdown”

“This will be the site of the shelter showdown,” Alex jokes, having no clue how right he is.

Makani snags the tent as soon as Alonzo walks away from it.

“It’s time for me to stick up for myself and make a really bold move,” Makani says.

The #MeanGirls freak out when they see Makani setting up the tent. She refuses to back down.

“I’m not asking you. I’m telling you what’s fair, and what we’re doing,” Makani says.

Alex and Alonzo try to bully her. They’re real charmers.

Alex and Alonzo gang up on Makani to bully her out of the tent, but it doesn’t work

“You didn’t buy this with your pocket money. It’s my money too,” Makani says. She’s right.

“I think it will be good for them to be outside this luxury for a night,” Makani says.

“She said I’m a little b***h,” Alonzo has a temper tantrum and starts stealing parts of the tent… like a little b***h. ROFL. Alex tries to negotiate.

“So we’ve got two options here. We’re either all going to work together to advocate our own lot, or it’s going to be Lord of the Flies,” Alex says.

Um, Alex? That ship has sailed. Like two weeks ago, when you formed the #MeanGirls club. You just don’t like it because it’s not working in your favor right now.

Instead of spending time building a shelter, the #MeanGirls team sits around bitching and moaning about having to “suck it up for one night,” as Alex puts it.

What makes him think he’s getting the tent back tomorrow? Bahaha!

“I don’t even want to go to sleep,” Alonzo says. And they’re all under a tarp, which is more than Cody and Makani have had for the past 12 days.

Then it starts raining, and the #MeanGirls get super wet. It’s awesome.

“Are we ready to spring into action?” they decide to attack Makani in her tent.

The #MeanGirls wake up Makani to kick her out of the tent, but she holds her ground

They wake her up and tell her they’re going to redo the tent properly, and she tells them she is fine. Hilarious!

“You have two tarps. You guys are fine. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow,” Makani says. I love it!

“I’m cold and fatigued and wet,” Alonzo whines.

By daybreak, he’s rocking and saying “I need to go.” Please go. Go already!

After one night without a tent, this former military guy is ready to quit.

“She’s forcing us to get another tent,” Alonzo says. Yep, she is.

But they don’t have a choice. If they want to have a tent every night, they’ll have to spend $30,000 of the group’s money to get another one.

When it’s time to shop, these idiots give up another $13,500 of their eventual prize money to spend $7,500 on two jars of peanut butter, $3,000 for one cheeseburger, and $3,000 for one deli sandwich.

“Makani’s strategy worked so well,” Cody laughs. But the food shopping is making him crazy. He’s watching his prize money dwindle every time they stuff their faces.

Alex acts like he’s super magnanimous by giving some peanut butter to Cody and Makani, but it’s everyone’s money.

“She can starve,” Alonzo says afterwards, as they decide in the future they won’t “share” the food that belongs to everybody when they make the group buys.

What planet are these people from that they feel entitled to do that to people, just because they disagree with them? Oh wait, it’s Planet Millennial.

Fortunately, Makani gets the next Temptation and she takes Cody.

It’s a massive table of food, including lobster. They decide to take the best package for $15,000.

Makani says that if they’d shared the food, she and Cody wouldn’t have to spend money on the Temptation.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the #MeanGirls are getting even more worked up about how much they hate Makani and Cody, but mostly Makani.

“Can’t stand hippies,” Gina mutters. Nice.

For the first time, there’s a group challenge with the opportunity for the winning team to get a prize.

They have to fill a bucket with water, by carrying buckets of water up from the river on a stick. Not terribly creative, but at least it’s something different.

It’s teams of two. Predictably, Team Macody (or is it Team Makody?) pair up.

Alex partners with Alonzo, and Eilish is with Gina.

“Do you want to run?” Eilish asks.

“No, sure don’t,” Gina says.

Eilish says that since they know they won’t win, there’s no point in trying.

They do not GAF. If this was Survivor, these ladies would be goners.

Cody and Makani win.

A drone delivers their prize. A sleeping pad each, and soap.

While Cody and Makani go down to the river, Gina goes into Cody and Makani’s tent and eats some of their peanut butter. Alex helps her.

“Just throw me the jar,” Alonzo takes the whole jar and helps himself. Then everybody else wants another scoop.

“We may not be comfortable, but we will be full of peanut butter,” Alex says. Such a thief. The only way he could win is to be dishonest.

Cody knows what they did as soon as he gets back.

“I zipped the tent a certain way,” Cody says.

He tells Makani to let it go, they’ll get them back later on.

“They’re turning this into a camping competition,” Cody laughs.

Best line of the night

After Alonzo has to spends one night outside of the tent, he’s totally ready to leave. And Cody says “Alonzo has his tap-out face on.”

Things we’re left wondering

Alex keeps babbling about how this isn’t in the rules and that is the rule – does anybody else realize he’s literally making this up as he goes along? All they were told is that personal property belongs to the individual, and stuff bought with group money belongs to everybody. What about that is so difficult for Alex to understand?

What’s with Cody’s short shorts? Are they some special quick-dry thing? Cuz it’s not a good look. Especially when he’s washing out his funky pants.

Gina and Eilish keep talking about the #MeanGirls being the Final Four. Do they even realize that when it gets closer to the 40-day mark, those guys are going to consider them expendable? How many nights would Gina and Eilish last without Alex and Alonzo doing their dirty work?

The show’s creator promised the journeys and challenges were going to get more exciting and more dangerous, but I’m not seeing it. How long do we have to wait???

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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