Stranded with a Million Dollars recap: The anything we can’t have, they can’t have either edition

Fans reacted in horror as teasers show Millennials burning cash so Team Makody can’t win it

It’s a brand new day on Stranded with a Million Dollars.

For the first time in 24 days, the teams are even. It’s two on two, fighting for what’s left of $1 million.

“No Eilish, no Alonzo. I feel like we’ve gotta do twice the work now without them,” Alex says.

Since when did the #TeamAlgina do work? I must have missed that.

Gina’s worried about the next journey because Eilish usually helps her climb up all the hills.

“I want them to go home because they don’t deserve to be here, and they can’t hang,” Cody says.

“I don’t know how to get rid of Cody,” Gina says.

That’s just funny.

Alex thinks he can convince Cody to partner up with him, and he’ll be a double-agent. Bahaha!

Nobody likes you, Alex!

The journey to the next campsite involves a lot of water, and Gina can’t swim. They only have 90 minutes to get there.

The journey to the new campsite is mostly in the water this week

“I hate being in the water because I can’t swim. I’d rather be on the beach with a margarita,” Gina says

Cody’s carrying 20 lbs more weight than Alex. Gina’s dying having to carry the tent and the pot.

“She’s borderline drowning every other step. I don’t want you to be here Gina… but I also don’t want you to die,” Cody says.

Cody basically saves Gina’s life, and drags her through the deeper water.

They all get pretty battered along the way, and they barely make it in time.

They add another $100,000 to the kitty, bringing their total to $388, 250.

A little depressing when you consider they’ve spent almost half of the $700,000 they’ve received so far.

“It’s just crazy how quickly the game changed,” Alex tries to cozy up to Cody.

“Gina’s not pulling her weight on journeys at all,” Cody suggests they need to dump her.

“Would you take me on your Temptation if I get rid of Gina?” Alex asks. Cody’s due to get the next Temptation to arrive.

He’s total scheming, but Cody isn’t fooled.

Team Makody is solid, and Alex can’t weasel his way into Cody’s Temptation

Cody tells Makani about the request – he’s not even considering it.

He tells Alex his decision the next morning, and breaks some other bad news, too.

“There’s going to be no more money spent on food,” Cody says, when Alex tries to negotiate for peanut butter.

He said the same thing in a rant on my blog earlier today.

“What I take away from that is we need to guard our peanut butter jars, because he would steal one and eat it,” Makani says.

And that’s exactly what Alex goes to do at that moment. What a thief!

He eats it all as fast as he can. He’s a horrible person.

Alex stealing peanut butter from Cody and Makani’s tent

“I stole us a carrot, too,” Alex tells Gina proudly.

I wonder what people in their real lives think of them post-show. I’d have very little respect.

When it’s group buy time, Gina throws down over peanut butter.

Cody wants to get a backpack to haul their money in.

Makani points out Alex and Gina have been pigging out on peanut butter all along.

“I can make it last til the end of Day 40,” Gina says. But she’s already had four jars.

“You should have done that with the other ones,” Makani says.

Gina says that if she doesn’t get peanut butter, she’s not going to carry anything on the next journey.

I’m so frustrated I can’t reach through the screen and slap her.

Cody tells her that if she doesn’t play ball, the other three of them will shut her out of the tent, etc.

“Gina, we have more leverage than you. I don’t think you realize that,” Cody says.

They get the backpack, but not the peanut butter.

“If I don’t get my food, you’re not going to get your money. So pick one,” Gina says. #Foreshadowing

Gina and Alex spend all their time complaining to each other

Gina’s confused. She tells Alex she thought they would give in and let her have peanut butter.

Gina’s not real bright.

They’re actually boiling the water at this camp, after everybody go so sick at the last camp.

There’s a pissing match about water between Alex and Cody because Alex doesn’t want to share what he’s boiled.

He just looks worse and worse, and he’s making #TeamMakody hate him more.

Cody is chosen for the Temptation, and he takes Makani, of course.

Cody’s Temptation takes place on a catamaran sailboat

The Temptation is on a big catamaran sailboat. And of course, they take the expensive option that includes tons of food and an overnight on the boat.

“What should we do?” Cody asks.

“Get comfortable!” Makani says.

Cody doing his impression of Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic

“This is definitely going to be the best $15,000 I’ve ever spent,” Cody says.

Back at camp, Alex is whining that he’s tired and he doesn’t know if he can do it.

“I don’t know how much longer I can be here without any sort of happiness,” Alex says.

Now it’s Gina encouraging him. #BizarroWorld

He sits crying on the beach. It’s really pathetic.

Alex starts crying and saying he wants to go home as soon as things don’t go his way

He says he’s not a crier, but anybody watching this show knows that’s a big fat lie.

“I’m starting to question how much longer it’s worth it for me,” Alex says.

“If I shoot my flare, am I going to regret it forever?” Alex asks.

It’s painful to watch.

Cody and Makani are talking strategy and drinking champagne on their sailboat.

“All I wanted was peanut butter. And these b***hes got a boat with food,” Gina’s a little bitter.

The next morning, after #TeamMakody returns to camp, a second challenge of the season is announced.

Apparently, there were a lot more challenges – with the competitors winning stuff – that we aren’t seeing on the show.

The challenge requires collecting up to $75,000 in boxes full of money, dropped from the sky

It’s an opportunity to collect submerged boxes full of money, up to $75,000.

They have to stay together as a team at all times. And Gina can’t swim.

The competitors could only collect the boxes Gina didn’t have to swim to get

They watch the boxes drop all over the place, but they can only go after the boxes that Gina can get to.

“I can’t f**king breathe,” Gina is grunting and bitching when the water is only chest deep.

So once again, Gina cost everybody a whole lot of money. They were only able to collect $45,000.

Hopefully going forward, we won’t burn anymore money,” Cody says.

That’s terrible, terrible foreshadowing in this case.

Everybody’s exhausted, so Cody sees his opportunity.

“I think it’s time to go in for the kill. I’m very focused. I think if we can take away the pot, if I think if I can take away Alex’s drinking source, I think I can take him out of this game very quickly and easily,” Cody says.

Turnabout is fair play. It was Alex’s alliance trying to starve out Makani a few days ago.

“You wanted to play hard. You wanted to play dirty,” Cody says. He’s right.

Alex is horrified they’ll try to starve out him and Gina, after they did the exact same thing in the past. Say what?

It’s throw down time.

Alex tries to make peace, and it’s painful to watch.

“Ultimately, I caught you in too many freakin lies,” Cody says. “This is a taste of your own medicine.”

Makani tells #TeamAlgina she has no respect for them.

“They’re not going to drink. They’re not going to eat. It’s over,” Cody says.

But next week, Alex and Gina figure out a way to get revenge.

Alex starts tearing up thousands of dollars in cash when he doesn’t get his way

Using the ultimate Millennial attitude of entitlement, the philosophy that if they can’t have something, nobody else should be able to EARN it either, #TeamAlgina starts tearing up the cash, and then burning it.

You didn’t misread that. These horrible selfish Millennials burn up thousands and thousands of dollars.

I don’t even want to watch.

Things we’re left wondering

Why would production and the network allow the Millennials to burn up thousands of dollars that could have gone to a charity to feed hungry children?

Does anybody else see shades of 2016 election behavior in this little demonstration? That whole let’s burn and destroy things to show we’re unhappy attitude?

What in God’s name made production think viewers would support #TeamAlgina? Nobody likes #MeanGirls, and Alex and Gina are two of the worst examples ever.

Stranded with a Million Dollars air Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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