Stranded with a Million Dollars recap: The another Millennial bites the dust edition

The 10-Millennial cast of MTV’s Stranded with a Million Dollars

The Millennials Stranded with a Million Dollars on MTV are eight days into their 40-day challenge, and they’ve only got $65,000 left of $200,000 they’ve received so far.

Only eight days in, and just seven of the original 10 participants are left. It’ll be down to six before the end of the third episode.

The next journey to $100,000 is 2.6 km away, and the group has two and a half hours to get there.

The hike is pretty wimpy compared to the first one, but Executive Producer Kevin Lee swears the journeys will be getting “progressively more difficult and more dangerous each week.”

Is it wrong that I want to see these Millennials really suffer? #DontJudge #SorryNotSorry

They arrive at their new campsite in time to get the money, and Chris is right away allllll about building a decent shelter.

“I hate being wet. I hate the f*****g rain,” Chris says.

Meanwhile, Alonzo is scheming about how to get rid of people.

Cody scoffs at the guys using a tent.

“Cody without a tent, beats them with a tent. Period. They’re so weak-minded, I’m still going to beat them without a tent,” Cody says.

“Are you guys using the tarp?” Mikani asks the people setting up the tent.

“Yep,” Alex says. Mr. Selfish. He doesn’t seem to get the rules: Everything belongs to everybody.

I think he’s going to get a nasty reality check in a not-so-distant future episode.

If I weren’t a nice person, I’d wish for one of those jerks in the tent to break their leg on the next trek. But that would be wrong.

Cody tries to give Chris a pep talk in the shelter, in the pouring rain, but I don’t think it’s working.

The next morning, when it’s not raining, he’s still Debbie Downer. He’s thinking about dropping out.

He’s not sick. He’s not starving. He’s not thirsty. He’s just a ginormous p***y! OMG.

“Chris definitely is the bitch of the group,” Cody jokes.

Chris owns it. But there’s lots of whining going on.

“I don’t know how much more wear and tear my body can take,” Alonzo says.

Dude, you’re a kid, and you were in the military, and you’ve been sleeping in a freaking tent. You can’t handle eight days of camping? Because that’s all it is.

They get another opportunity to make another group buy, and Makani has some fun picking on Eilish.

Makani suggests maybe they should buy Eilish a crown. Or the group might need a chandelier.

Millennial Eilish Rodriguez is a #MeanGirl

Alex finds some cassava to feed his alliance, and tells Makani she has to use the pot after them.

I really don’t understand why there’s not more pushback from the minority group – the tent and the cooking pot belong to all of them. Alex keeps hogging it.

Alex’s group eats until they’re full, and there’s extra food. Instead of offering to share with Cody, Chris, and Makani, they set it aside to eat later. In the pot.

Makani goes looking for the pot, finds it full of food, and she and Cody and Chris help themselves to the leftovers.

Predictably, upon their return, Alex’s team freaks out.

“If they ate it, I’m going to be so mad,” Eilish says.

They go after Makani, and she tries to defend herself. She’s not very good at it.

“Now you should make your own fire, prepare your own food, and that’s that,” Alonzo says.

That means they’d use twice as much fire-starting supplies for each meal. It’s just stupid.

They don’t think about the negative consequences of this destructive behavior.

Unlike Survivor, where contestants vote somebody off each week, meaning they HAVE TO work on relationships, Stranded pits the Millennials against each other in a purely independent survival challenge.

Alonzo and Alex are being nice to Gina and Eilish right now because they need numbers to make things happen the way they want them, but pretty soon, these guys are going to start cutting numbers hard, and Gina’s out of there as soon as they stop feeding her.

Shortly after the big food argument, Alonzo gets chosen for the next Temptation. He chooses Eilish to go with him.

They get the best temptation yet. There’s a posh bed, food, bathroom setup. They even get their laundry done – and they get to stay overnight – for $15,000.

But Alonzo thinks it would be disloyal to take it. He doesn’t want to feel full while his teammates don’t.

Eilish gives him a look like he’s completely insane, but she goes along with it. He goes back and plays it all noble with the group.

Later that day, the Millennials get a Flash Sale announcement giving them a chance to buy certain survival items for 50% off because there’s a huge storm coming in.

The drone delivering a jar of peanut butter to the Millennials at their jungle camp

Chris wants to buy a big tarp, but Alex’s alliance outvotes him and buys a jar of peanut butter instead.

When the weather comes in, the shelter over Cody, Chris, and Makani collapses.

And as soon as Chris gets wet again, he decides to tap out of the game. Because he’s wet.

Yes, you read that correctly. He gave up a shot at a whole lot of money because he got wet.

Chris Lacerra was the fourth Millennial to quit Stranded with a Million Dollars

The irony is that he had to stay there feeling miserable til the weather cleared, before they could evacuate him out of the jungle at daybreak.

Cody’s going to miss his buddy, but he doesn’t actually encourage him to stay, either.

It’s one less competitor for what’s left of the $1 million.

Next week, Cody and Makani take the tent back from Alex’s alliance, and tempers flare!

Those wimps who have been tenting it can’t even handle one night in the rain without Alonzo threatening to tap out. It’s going to be hilarious!

Things we’re left wondering

How do they choose who gets the Temptation? Always seems to be somebody on the verge of quitting the game.

Why is Cody letting Alex’a alliance get away with claiming all the supplies, when production sent in a rules definition last week that clearly explained things bought with group money were for everybody?

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


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