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Stranded with a Million Dollars recap: It’s the true definition of playing dirty edition

Gina Lam drinking “poo water” on Stranded with a Million Dollars

With only eight days left in their 40 day survival adventure, things start getting sh***y on MTV’s Stranded with a Million Dollars. Literally.

There’s $103,168 per person left after Alex and Gina burned more than $65,000 last week.

“Alex threw the biggest temper tantrum in the history of history when he burned the money,” Cody says.

On the next journey, Alex and Gina refuse to carry the empty flare case.

Cody attempts to goad them into carrying something, but his approach is a little rough.

“Alex, you have a very low paying job. You’re not really going anywhere in life… Gina, you’re still pursuing a degree at the age of 25…” Cody starts trying to convince them the money would help them.

“If money mattered to us, we wouldn’t have ripped it up,” Alex says.

“Makani and I are the Americans, Alex and Gina are terrorists,” Cody says.

He says Alex and Gina’s actions are threatening everyone’s success.

“You’re failing to comprehend what the money would do for your life,” Cody says.

This is where the game is flawed.

In future seasons, production needs to make rules that require campers to carry their own weight.

Alex says he’s going to rip up more money when they get to the next camp.

Isn’t he a charmer?

So they take off on the journey to the next camp without the flare case, disqualifying them from winning another $100,000.

“I’m just hoping the others get taken out, or end up falling off a cliff,” Makani says.

She’s starting to sound as bitter as Cody. What happened to your Zen, Makani?

There’s a rock wall they have to climb on the journey.

Cody refuses to partner up with #TeamAlgina to get the bags of money up the rocks. He probably regretted that a few minutes later.

“I hope this camp has the worst water in the world and you have to boil it, and it takes Alex and Gina out of the game,” Cody says.

The money box is empty when they arrive at camp.

“No money, no problem,” Alex says.

He really doesn’t get it.

Cody wants to set up their tent close to the water, but Makani is worried about high tide.

“If they snatch the pot, they’re going to the end and we’re not,” Cody says.

He’s worried because everybody know Alex is a thief.

“You know what’s great, the water source is really nasty, like extremely nasty,” Cody says.

Makani agrees.

They get a message from above on the tablet.

They shouldn’t have left the satellite phone behind with the flare case.

“Moving forward, to evacuate, you must build a signal fire at least five feet tall,” the tablet reads.

And there will be no more group buys without the phone, not that #TeamMakody was going to let them buy anything anyway.

“We’re not really sure what we just did,” Gina says.

You screwed yourself. That’s what you did.

Alex starts out the next morning by stealing #TeamMakody’s tinder bag.

Cody’s acts like a little b***h to Makani for losing the tinder bag.

“You were in charge of it, it was one of the things…” Cody says.

Makani tells him to chill. It’s the first time we’ve seen them really argue when it wasn’t bickering during a challenge.

“I wish you cared a little bit about losing what I’ve been collecting the whole time,” Cody says.

“I do Cody. I’m just trying to move forward,” Makani says.

He won’t let it go, and he gets mean.

It’s just tinder, Cody!

“You can go with the flow and be a hippie when you get back home. But out here…” Cody thinks Alex may have stolen their tinder bag.

And he’s right.

#TeamMakody makes up, but Cody needs to apologize and he doesn’t.

“The water source is just this guy behind us, right?” Cody asks.

“He’s drinking that water straight. He better get sick,” Makani says, watching Alex suck down cup after cup of water directly from the stream.

Alex tells Gina he drank three or four cups of water to see if it would make them sick.

“I’m in a terrible mental funk again,” Alex says. He’s starving.

Alex whines and cries through every episode of Stranded with a Million Dollars

This guy is such a whiner.

“I planned out the whole game so we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Alex says.

“Alex is regretting all those pizzas and burgers right now,” Makani jokes.

“We could think about a sneak attack on their tent,” Alex suggests.

“I’d lay in their tent,” Alex says.

“They’d definitely have to bargain with us,” Gina says.

Cody tells Makani to sit in the tent to keep it safe from Alex. She calls him paranoid.

Makani hangs out in “Thrive Town” to protect their supplies from #TeamAlgina

But he’s right.

Alex thinks Cody overhead him, but he didn’t. He’s just using common sense.

“I feel like I’m a homeless man that nobody has given money to,” Gina says.

What??? Bahaha!

Alex keeps threatening to quit.

“I’m taking a s**t in that water,” Cody tells Makani, dead serious.

She says she’ll do it too.

“That’s my signature move,” Cody says.

Um, okay.

“I think this is our best plan yet,” Makani says “It’s the definition of playing dirty.”

Makani is up to her eyeballs with Cody on this one.

Makani gets the next Temptation.

Apparently, their gear is safe while they’re off on a Temptation.

All these rules that production seems to have made up along the way are very interesting, right?

#TeamMakody enjoys a spa day and feast on Makani’s Temptation

It’s a spa feast. As they relax, they finesse the details of their defecation plan.

“E coli is like badddd,” Makani says.

Yes, it is. Ick.

Cody stops to poop on their way back to camp.

“I’m about to explode so… I need to go now,” Cody says.

He takes a ginormous scary poop someplace where he can come back and get it later. WTF?

“Holy Toledo, that was a nugget,” Cody says. #TMI

“I’m not ready to yet, but when I do, that’ll be great,” Makani says.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Alex and Gina are being eaten by fire ants. #Karma

“I hate being dirty. I hate being hungry. I hate when I don’t get my way,” Gina says.

Whine whine whine.

“If I’d known how hard it was going to be, I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Alex says.

That we believe.

Cody fills up their water pot one last time before doing the dirty deed.

Cody collects his poop and mixes it into the water where Alex and Gina are drinking

Then he takes his previously pooped pile, and mixes it straight into the water where Alex has been drinking.

As we’re watching this, production is showing a conversation between Alex and Gina where they’re discussing praying. Bahaha!

Makani made her contribution to the poo water later on.

Makani is sounding just as “strategical” as Cody this week

The next morning is painful to watch. I was cringing.

“Can I have the cup? I don’t feel bad at all. I’m gonna just start drinking,” Alex says.

And he proceeds to suck down a few cups of the water.

“Things are about to get a little crappy out here. And by crappy I mean, I s**t in your water,” Cody laughs, in interview.

Gina goes and starts sucking down water, too.

“I feel full,” Gina says.

“That’s good,” Alex says.


Alex is struggling by the time they announce the next challenge.

The teams have to wade out to a rock and get fire, and bring it back to shore, and then build a campfire.

Alex and Gina head out to the rock first, but Cody and Makani take time to get enough wood to keep the flame burning on the way back to shore.

The challenge requires teams to get fire from a rock and start a campfire

Alex’s palm frond stays lit, and Cody accidentally drops their fire into the water.

For a minute, it looks like #TeamAlgina might win their first challenge ever.

Then Alex loses their ember, and they have to start over.

“What she’s worst at and what you’re best at, she’s still better than you,” Cody says, as Makani coaxes a flame into a full blown campfire.

“This is the first official fire that I’ve started, and I think it came at a pretty clutch time,” Makani says.

Cody should loan his fire to Alex to use as a signal fire. Bahaha!

#TeamMakody wins a feast. And they don’t share.

Cody says #TeamAlgina will be eating “rotten coconuts or poo water.” Ugh.

“I seriously saw us winning,” Gina says.


The next morning, Alex is sucking up “poo water” again.

Alex tells Gina that the water source doesn’t taste or smell right.

“Just in case it’s contaminated or something, I don’t think we should drink out of it today,” Alex says.

“My stomach’s feeling a little bit upset today,” Alex says.

He tries siphoning water out of sand by the water’s edge.

“Did you see that? Alex just drank salt water,” Cody says.

#TeamMakody plots to take out the water source at the next camp, to complete #TeamAlgina’s destruction.

Instructions for the 10th journey arrive. They have one hour to get there and win another $100,000 to add to the money pile.

As always, Gina’s having a hard time keeping up. But the noises she’s making this time are hysterical.

“I’m literally pulling Gina through the water. She can’t fall behind, because when she falls behind she gets way behind,” Alex says.

Suddenly, he cares about winning the next $100,000. #TooLittleTooLate

“C’mon don’t lag behind and cry. It’s $100,000,” Alex says.

Gina makes it to the money with about one second to spare.

But Alex still wants to quit.

“I’m not sure that I’ll make it to the end. I’m just done. I’m done with this,” Alex says.

“I’m down to do whatever it takes, because they don’t deserve to be here,” Cody says.

Next week, Cody craps in the water source and tells them about it.

I think it’s safe to say the s**t is going to hit the fan!

Check out an EXCLUSIVE video HERE with Cody explaining why he HAD to s**t in the water to advance in the game.

To donate money to the cancer fund of an #MTVStranded Super Fan, check out Cody’s Go Fund Me campaign.

Things we’re left wondering

What are the actual rules of Stranded? Is production making them up as they go along?

Does Alex always whine this much?

Will Cody’s diabolical move put him in the history books as a reality TV villain?

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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