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Stevie J is giving Estelita the Joseline Hernandez treatment and she’s falling for it

Estelita and Stevie J
Estelita is having a hard time rebuffing Stevie J’s advances. Pic: @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

Throughout Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Estelita Quintero has made it clear that she doesn’t want Stevie J romantically.

Instead, she’s said she wants him to focus on her career and the promises that he made her. But after watching the most recent episode, it looks like Estelita is having a hard time rebuffing Stevie’s advances — and does she really not want anything else?

In an effort to patch things up with Estelita, Stevie J invited her down to his Penthouse shoot and asked her to model some lingerie. This clearly has nothing to do with making music but Stevie is a charmer and Estelita falls for it easily.

“When I met you, I saw a superstar,” Stevie crooned. “And I promised you that I would make amazing things happen. I apologize if I haven’t been working as fast as you want me to. But I’m doing global things. I want to include you in this legacy shoot that I’m doing with Penthouse.”

Just like that, Estelita’s resolve was gone and Stevie was in control. With Estelita donning black lingerie for the Penthouse photoshoot, it wouldn’t be shocking if the pair ended up romantically involved again. She even thanked Stevie for the opportunity.

The scene, like many others they have done, was reminiscent of his relationship with Joseline Hernandez. From frustration over stalls in her career to being jealous of other women, it’s like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta producers simply plucked Joseline out of the show and dropped Estelita in her place after briefly allowing the two Latina singers to compete for Stevie’s affection last season.

Estelita already admitted to sleeping with Stevie J once but keeps trying to convince everyone (and probably herself) that she is only interested in him as her manager. Is that really the case?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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