Stevie J enlists the help of Rich Dollaz to shut Erica Mena down on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Stevie J chats with Rich Dollaz on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Stevie J enlists Rich Dollaz to help with the Erica Mena problem on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

It’s not a secret that Stevie J and Erica Mena had a major confrontation during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show taping but there’s quite a bit of backstory leading up to that feud.

In the latest episode, Stevie calls in Erica’s old love interest from LHHNY, Rich Dollaz to see if he can help set Erica straight.

In a LHHATL sneak peek, Stevie explains to Rich that he’s dealing with a lot of drama from Erica Mena (as if that wouldn’t be a surprise.) The “Good Guy” is upset after Erica went after his daughter, essentially calling her a hypocrite.

As Stevie explained in the clip, Erica doesn’t want anyone messing with her son but she didn’t seem to even hesitate going after Savannah Jordan. Why the double standard?

“Erica thinks she can disrespect anyone she wants and get away with it,” Stevie said in the confessional. “But I’m not giving out passes.”

During his conversation with Stevie J, Rich Dollaz confirms that he hasn’t talked to Erica in a while. He reveals that he wants to n her, telling Stevie, “I have some things that I’d like to get off my chest.”

Rich says in his own confessional that he hasn’t seen Erica Mena in years. This should be interesting because several months ago, he seemingly started a rumor that he and Erica were back together.

Back in November 2017, Rich pulled a post-and-delete on Instagram that thankfully was captured by The Shade Room and shared. In it, it looks like he has certainly been seeing Erica but is it a new photo or not?

In any case, Rich is also upset with Erica for trashing him every chance she gets. She’s been busy blaming her failed music career on the LHHNY star and he just doesn’t think that’s fair.

Clearly, a confrontation between Rich and Erica is coming and it probably won’t end well. After all, we still have that crazy fight between Stevie J and Erica Mena on the upcoming reunion show to look forward to.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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