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Steven Weber: Who is actor who plays Mayor Hamilton on NCIS: New Orleans

Steven Weber as Mayor Douglas Hamilton in the Down The Rabbit Hole episode of NCIS: New Orleans
Steven Weber as Mayor Douglas Hamilton on NCIS: New Orleans. Pic credit: CBS/Skip Bolen

Steven Weber plays New Orleans City Councilman turned Mayor Douglas Hamilton on NCIS: New Orleans.

But before his role in the hit series Weber, from Queens, New York, had already graced our screens in a huge number of TV series, theater productions and films

His performances go from self-effacing and humorous to sinister on a dime. But what have you seen him in before?

A child actor in commercials, Weber entered the Mirror Repertory Company after college and won a coveted CBS daytime soap opera role opposite Julianne Moore in As The World Turns.

However, he only really came on to our radar as the wisecracking Brian Hackett in the hit 1990s sitcom Wings.

His smallscreen CV alone is a veritable what’s what of the best TV series over the last 25 years, from Kojak, Monk, Will & Grace and House of Lies to Party Down — his range is admirable.

Notably too, he was cast as Sam Rawson, Bridget Fonda’s boyfriend who is also stalked by her crazy roommate (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in the 1992 film Single White Female.

That false identity bedroom scene alone was worth the price of admission!

Weber as the unsuspecting boyfriend of Bridget Fonda’s character in Single White Female

He also stepped out of his hetero-normative roles and starred as a gay man, Richard Jeffrey, opposite Patrick Stewart in the 1995 gay romantic comedy film Jeffrey.

His 2006 TV role in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip had him cast as the calculating Jack Rudolph — a “corporate dick”, in his own words.

Meanwhile, one of our favorite moments of Steven Weber-guest star watching came in 2009 on the hilarious comedy Party Down, where Weber was cast as a mobster whose script is also believed to be a confession.

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More recently, for the past five years Weber has voiced characters on the Disney XD animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

He also played the Dexter-like evil millionaire Max St. Vincent in a chilling turn opposite Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder.

And he turned in a remarkable performance as Jack Torrance in the remake of The Shining miniseries by Stephen King, directed by Mick Garris.

In The Shining remake, Weber went more King and less Kubrick for his role as Jack

Weber is a complicated character on NCIS: New Orleans, but comes naturally to the role after mastering so many villains and comedic roles in the past.

He’s perfect as the ethically challenged mayor, whose political career survived last season’s sex tape scandal.

On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans, titled Down the Rabbit Hole, his character creates havoc on the streets of NOLA, and he comes under fire after a deadly shootout ensues.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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