Steven Universe: Greg the Babysitter preview clip

Steven Universe
Steven wants to know how Greg got his job at the car wash, but he wants it in SONG!

Tonight Steven Universe hits Episode 16 of Season 3 and is titled Greg the Babysitter.

Greg reminisces about how busy the car wash was when there was a mud tornado years ago, the ‘Mudnado’.

This leads Steven to ask him how he got the job.  Just when Greg is about to explain, Steven stops him in his tracks…

“Hold the phone!” he shouts and goes for the guitar.

“Don’t tell me, sing me” he tells Greg.

Greg moans: “You rascal, can I ever tell you a story without working in a song again?”

If you’ve never seen the show it follows the life of Steven Universe, who lives in Beach City, USA. He shares the town with some magical aliens called Crystal Gems.

Steven is half-Gem himself and spends his time with the Gems helping to protect the planet from all kinds of evil…many actual former Gems who have become irrational and cannot hold humanoid form anymore.

The Gems are Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven himself…he inherited powers from his mother Rose Quartz…there is a whole bunch more but the best way to get into it is just watch.

Earlier this year the series was renewed for another two seasons.

Catch Steven Universe: Greg the Babysitter at 7pm tonight on Cartoon Network.

Sing me a song Greg

Have you seen the episode? What did you think?

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