Steve Harvey warns Family Feud contestant about controversial answer: ‘People are going to hate you!’

steve harvey on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollyood, CA
Steve chastised a Family Feud contestant’s debatable answer. Pic credit: ©

Leave it to Steve Harvey to say what everyone else was thinking.

When a recent Family Feud contestant took a dig at man’s best friend, Steve couldn’t help but put her on blast.

Susan was chosen as one of two contestants from her family’s team to participate in the Fast Money round.

Family Feud shared Susan’s segment on the show’s official Instagram in a Reel captioned, “An annoying creature you wish would go extinct?? 🤔❌😲 #SteveHarvey: ‘Be quiet!’ #FamilyFeud.”

For one of the survey questions, Steve asked Susan to “Name an annoying creature that you wish would hurry up and become extinct.”

Without much hesitation, Susan blurted out her answer: “Dogs.”

Immediately after Susan gave her answer, the tape fast-forwarded to the end of her round, when she and Steve discovered how many points she had racked up for her team.

Steve Harvey tells a Family Feud contestant to ‘Be quiet!’

Steve repeated the survey question, laughing and covering his face with his cue card.

Susan tried to defend her answer, telling him, “Like a neighbor’s dog!”

Steve swiftly responded, “Be quiet!” garnering laughter from everyone in the room.

He added, “You know how many people are gonna hate you?”

Steve’s prediction was spot-on because, in the comments section of the Instagram Reel, Family Feud viewers at home took aim at Susan for her answer.

Family Feud viewers put Susan’s survey response on blast

One Family Feud fan wrote, “I hated her the minute she said dogs 😂.”

“That 0 was deserved,” added @that_artsy_kim99.

Another Instagram user suggested a different answer rather than “dogs,” writing, “Could have said her ex.”

family feud viewers comment on susan's answer on instagram
Susan’s answer was not well received. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“Dude, the missed opportunity to say: MOSQUITO,” added another critic.

One Family Feud fan offered Susan several other options instead of “dogs.”

“Of all the options you can choose from… Mosquitoes, wasps, cockroaches, Spanish battleship (or whatever that stinging jellyfish is called)…” wrote @ririanneanne.

Expressing their distaste for Susan because of her answer, another Instagram user said, “I don’t know Susan, but I don’t like her.”

As for Susan’s survey response, Steve’s hunch was also correct — “dogs” earned her team a big, fat goose egg, putting zero points on the board.

Steve Harvey is astounded by another Family Feud contestant’s shocking answer

Typically, Steve is quick with a witty comeback when Family Feud contestants come up with outlandish answers, but another recent contestant’s response was so off-the-wall that it left him speechless.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Steve asked a contestant named Jarrell, “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about.”

When Jarrell replied, “My aunt,” Steve was stunned and stared blankly at him.

Not only did Jarrell stun Steve and the Family Feud audience with his answer, but he failed to earn his time any points, putting up an “X” on the board as Susan did during her Fast Money round.

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