Steve Harvey under fire for ‘scolding’ contestant at the podium: ‘It’s not funny’

steve harvey youtube
Steve Harvey caught some flak for his on-air antics. Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

Family Feud viewers are coming for Steve Harvey after he gave a contestant a little talking to.

During a face-off at the podium, a contestant named Kristian from the Gilbert family went up against Medina from the Abed family.

Host Steve Harvey was looking for the top eight answers on the board, supplied by the 100 people surveyed.

Steve asked the two competitors, “What might make a lady frog fall in love with a bullfrog?”

Kristian was quick to tap his buzzer first, and when Steve called on him for his answer, he said, “His scent.”

Kristian’s response wasn’t among the top eight answers, earning the Gilbert family an “X” and zero points and allowing Medina to get a correct response and take the lead.

Steve Harvey gives his contestant some advice: ‘Keep that in mind next time’

Medina’s answered “Warts.” It was one of the top eight answers at the No. 6 spot on the board, earning her family the chance to pass or play.

The Abeds decided to play rather than pass, but as Medina walked to her family’s podium, Steve held Kristian back to give him some advice.

Kristian leaned in toward Steve as the Family Feud host asked him, “What up?”

“When’s the last time you smelled a frog?” Steve continued.

Kristian explained that although he hasn’t personally caught a whiff of a frog, he imagined that lady frogs “might feel a type of way” about sniffing their male counterparts.

Steve nodded in agreement, adding, “Right, right… but see, I understand your logic, and it makes perfectly good sense, but we surveyed 100 people… so you might wanna keep that in mind next time you answer the question.”

Kristian was a good sport about the exchange, and it ended with Steve giving him a pat on the shoulder as he walked back to join his family at their podium.

The clip was shared on Family Feud’s YouTube page in an upload called “Steve Harvey scolds Kristian at the podium!!”

Viewers accuse Steve of ’embarrassing’ Kristian

18,000 Family Feud fans watched the video clip, and in the comments section, they sounded off, some of them taking aim at Steve for “embarrassing” Kristian on national television.

One YouTube user wrote, “Steve sometimes loses focus on the question. It wasn’t ‘what does a WOMAN find most attractive about a bullfrog?’”

@justinm.1 commented, “Idk if Steve was really scolding him lol more like giving him some tips lol.”

family feud viewers comment on steve harvey "scolding" a contestant
Feud fans weigh in. Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

Another Family Feud viewer, however, put Steve’s behavior on blast, accusing him of shaming Kristian, a move they felt was not cool.

“It’s called embarrassing the contestants publicly which is bad not funny,” @YourHighness8888 commented.

Despite Steve’s antics, Kristian and his family won the round after the Abeds couldn’t get enough points. Instead, they got their third strike with Omar’s answer, “His big eyes.”

Ultimately, the round resulted in a win for Kristian and his family. Kourtne gave the winning answer, “His legs,” which was the No. 3 answer on the board.

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Ms .Dale Stewart
Ms .Dale Stewart
1 month ago

Steve Harvey tells it like it is! If it offended that person then he is shouldn’t have been on the show.

1 month ago

I thought it was funny, that’s how Steve is, funny!!! Some people are just to critical…get a grip!!