Steve Harvey tosses his card over Family Feud contestant’s overcomplicated answer: ‘WTH does that even mean?’

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A Family Feud contestant’s wordy answer had Steve irritated enough to toss his card into the air. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Steve Harvey has had enough of Family Feud contestants’ shenanigans.

A recent contestant on the popular weeknight game show gave a convoluted answer to a survey question, which confused and irritated Steve.

Steve stood at the podium for a faceoff, asking the two competitors to “name something you’d hate to be wearing when you get locked out of your hotel room.”

A contestant named Mandi tried to put some points on the board for her team by asking Steve, “Does their girlfriend’s clothes count as thongs?”

As it turned out, “Undies/Thongs” was already on the board in the number-one spot, so Mandi was unsure whether her answer would be considered identical and earn her team an “X.”

Mandi’s question garnered some chuckles from the crowd, but Steve was clearly confused by her garbled response, replying, “Huh?”

Family Feud contestant gives a long-winded answer that confuses host Steve Harvey

“You know, like they’re switching clothes, and now they’re wearing their girlfriend’s clothes, and they get locked out,” Mandi explained.

Steve continued to try to understand Mandi’s answer, rephrasing it for producers as he called it out.

“If you switch clothes with your girlfriend and you got them on and you went out in the hallway to see if anybody was out there and noticed you had on your girlfriend’s panties for some stupid reason, you would go in the hallway for it… up there,” Steve proclaimed, pointing his cards at the board behind himself.

Steve stayed facing the audience and away from the board, clearly confident that Mandi’s answer would not earn her team any points.

But, much to Steve’s surprise, “Women’s Clothes” was revealed as the number-four answer, with six total survey responses.

Steve remained calm as Mandi and her teammates celebrated their win before staring into the camera and tossing his card into the air.

The humorous segment was shared on Family Feud’s Instagram page in a Reel captioned, “What’s something you’d hate to be wearing if you got locked out of your hotel room?? 🧐🍑🤭 Mandi’s answer obliterates #SteveHarvey. #FamilyFeud.”

Family Feud fans laugh at Steve being ‘humbled’

Family Feud viewers at home were amused by Mandi and Steve’s interaction, as evidenced by the comments section of the post.

family feud viewers comment on mandi's segment on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“I love the ones where Steve gets humbled real quick,” expressed one Family Feud fan.

Replying to the comment, @m_dacosta21 added, “Yeah, those are the real ones. Sometimes it’s not even that the answer doesn’t make sense, it’s just that people say stuff in such an [overcomplicated] way that you can’t help but to [make] fun of [them].”

“Wth does that even mean?” they asked.

Another show fan said Mandi’s ability to clear the board made Steve “salty” and was a “diabolical” move.

“I swear sometimes the board loves to mess with Steve,” added @pop_mu28. “Especially with these answers.”

After all was said and done, Mandi’s team was able to clear the board with their responses and take the win.

“Undies/Thongs” was the number one answer with 37 points, “Towel” was the number two answer with 26 points, and “Nothing” came in third with 17 points.

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