Steve Harvey shows Family Feud fans the ‘hair flip’ he uses to get his dates to kiss him

steve harvey at the Steve Harvey Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Steve had some fun improvising on Family Feud. Pic credit: ©

Leave it to Steve Harvey to infuse some humor into an episode of Family Feud.

That’s exactly what the weeknight survey host did during a recent episode of the hit game show.

Steve, 67, approached one family’s podium to survey Erica, who was next in line to answer a question on the board.

Steve asked Eric to “Name a subtle signal you send your date so they kiss you.”

Erica was quick to answer, telling him, “You give ’em a hair flip,” before demonstrating her answer to Steve after he seemed confused by what she meant.

Erica tossed her hair off her shoulders, telling Steve, “You know,” as the audience and her family members and opponents applauded her response.

Steve Harvey ‘flips’ his mustache to show how he signals to his date that he wants a kiss

“Oh, that’s it?” Steve asked after he figured out what Erica was describing.

That’s when Steve used his quick wit to crack a joke that had everyone in stitches.

“Yeah, guess they won’t be kissing me,” Steve quipped, poking fun at the fact that he has not one strand of hair on his smooth-shaven head.

Steve’s response got a rile out of the crowd, but he didn’t stop there — the L’Evate You founder added a gesture that really got everyone laughing when he pretended to flip the hair on his mustache, much like Erica did with her own hair.

“What you doing?” Steve added, pretending to be someone questioning his antics.

“I’m hair flippin’!” he replied before the buzzer buzzed and showed that, unfortunately for Erica, her answer did not make it into the top answers on the board.

Steve’s antics had Family Feud fans roaring with laughter

As per usual, Family Feud viewers at home were just as entertained by Steve’s shenanigans as the live audience.

Reacting to a clip of the scene on Instagram, Steve’s fans expressed their amusement in the comments section.

In just 17 hours since the post was uploaded to Family Feud’s Instagram feed, more than 10,000 Instagram users tapped the “like” icon.

“Steve just invented a new type of hair flip, which is called moustache flip 😂,” wrote @umang_19_raj.

family feud viewers on instagram react to steve harvey's joke
Family Feud viewers were amused by Steve’s “mustache flip.” Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

Another fan of the show called Steve’s gesture “f**kin hilarious,” adding several crying-laughing emojis in response to Steve’s “stache flip.”

“Guess they won’t be kissing me,” one Instagram user commented, echoing Steve’s remarks.

“Just rub your bald head Steve, that’ll work in a pinch,” they joked.

Others were at a loss for words, letting their emojis do the talking in the comments section as a way to convey that they were doubled over with laughter watching him at home on their TV screens.

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