Steve Harvey shakes his head at Family Feud contestant’s controversial answer: ‘What’s wrong with that guy?’

Steve Harvey Shrine Auditorium
Steve Harvey shook his head at a contestant’s shocking answer. Pic credit: ©

Another day, another outrageous answer from a Family Feud contestant.

Steve Harvey has been accustomed to some wild responses from his contestants at the podium, and a recent answer had the Family Feud host shaking his head in disbelief.

A competitor named Frantz from the Chery family went up against Nicole from the Russell family for their podium face-off, and he may have experienced a Freudian slip of sorts.

Steve asked them to “Name a person you might be secretly attracted to.”

Frantz was the first to hit his buzzer, and when Steve called on him, he responded, “Your best friend’s girl.”

Steve was shocked by Frantz’s answer and stared at him with an intense glare as he shook his head back and forth.

Steve Harvey shakes his head in disbelief at a Family Feud contestant’s saucy answer

Not only was Steve astounded, but the studio audience was, too, filling the room with “ohs” and laughter as Steve continued to stare down Frantz.

As it turned out, though, Steve got Frantz’s response wrong — he thought Frantz said, “your wife’s girlfriend,” but Frantz quickly corrected him.

“No, I said ‘your best friend’s girlfriend,'” Frantz told Steve.

Steve used his quick wit to respond, “Oh, like that’s gonna make it better?”

Although Frantz and his family members were confident about his answer, it wasn’t on the board among the top eight answers.

The clip was shared on Family Feud’s Instagram page in a Reel captioned, “Podium mix-up! Who’s your secret crush?? 😗😗😗 #SteveHarvey: ‘Like that’s gonna make it better!’ #FamilyFeud.”

Steve and Frantz’s humorous exchange garnered more than 13,000 likes, and the comments section was full of feedback from entertained Family Feud viewers at home who reacted to Frantz’s unlikely answer.

Family Feud viewers wonder ‘what’s wrong with’ Frantz

“Steve tried to help him out and cover it up,” wrote @dj_larry_peace.

Another Family Feud fan commented, “Dudu lose TWICE.”

family feud contestants comment on instagram about Frantz's answer
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“Ayo, what’s wrong with that guy?” asked @chris_0922cjx.

Another Instagram user joked that Frantz had to go home after the show and face the music.

One fan of Family Feud thought Frantz’s answer might have been set up by producers and found the moment to be “funny and mean.”

Because Frantz’s answer did not appear on the board, and his opponent, Nicole, came up with the number-eight answer, “brother-in-law,” she and her family chose to play the round rather than pass it to the Cherys.

Frantz and his family weren’t able to steal the game from their opponents

Despite their efforts, the Russell family wasn’t able to get enough points on the board and turned the game over to the Cherys after putting up three Xs on the board.

Frantz and his team had another shot to steal the game if they could produce the final answer on the board in the number-two spot.

Acting as his team’s leader, Frantz and his family decided to go with “your friend’s parent.”

Unfortunately for the Cherys, their answer didn’t make it to the top eight, meaning the Russells walked away the winners of the round.

The number-two answer, with 21 points on the board, was “Celeb/Nick Cannon,” which neither team saw as a possibility.

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