Steve Harvey pretends to ‘flash’ Family Feud audience as he mocks contestant’s answer

steve harvey at the 2012 Hoodie Awards
Steve was shocked by a contestant’s answer yet again. Pic credit: ©

If there’s one thing Steve Harvey knows how to do, it’s make his audience laugh.

The Family Feud host is known for his comedic one-liners and improvisations while on stage interacting with contestants.

Given his background in stand-up comedy – beginning with an appearance on Showtime at the Apollo in the 1980s – Steve excels at cracking up a crowd.

That’s exactly what Steve did during one Family Feud contestant’s recent segment involving a Brad Pitt reference.

During the episode of Family Feud, one contestant’s answer caught Steve off guard, and he, of course, found a way to make the moment even funnier than it already was.

A contestant named Paul was asked to answer the survey question, “What’s Brad Pitt got that you don’t have?”

A Family Feud contestant’s survey response was met with a comical skit by host Steve Harvey

Without hesitation and with conviction, Paul told Steve, “A big penis.”

Paul’s answer shocked and amused the live studio audience and stunned Steve Harvey, who placed his cue card on the podium and scratched his head as though he was trying to make sense of Paul’s response.

“I’m running all the movies in my head, and I’m trying to figure out … what was the scene YOU saw?!” Steve jokingly asked Paul.

Steve continued to tease, “I saw Ocean’s Eleven … [Brad Pitt] didn’t …”

Steve paused for a second, looking confused, before he pretended to open up his jacket and “flash” the audience, mocking Paul’s survey answer.

Family Feud shared the humorous clip on its official Instagram feed in a Reel captioned, “What’s #BradPitt got that you don’t have?? 🤔🍆😲 #SteveHarvey: “What was the scene you saw?” #FamilyFeud.”

Family Feud viewers were cracking up at Steve’s improv

Thousands of Family Feud viewers liked the post, and more headed to the comments section, applauding Steve’s on-the-spot improv performance.

“What was the scene ‘You’ saw…😂,” commented one viewer, who was clearly amused by Steve’s response.

family feud viewers comment on steve harvey's improv
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“Lmao ❤,” added @pearladri.

Other commenters reacted with slews of crying-laughing emojis, with one Instagram user adding, “So he’s admitting he has a small 🍆😂.”

Brad Pitt vowed not to bare any more skin in future films

Although Steve was unable to recall a movie in which Brad Pitt stripped down, the actor is no stranger to showing skin on the big screen.

Brad has bared it all for several movie roles, including Thelma and Louise, Meet Joe Black, Troy, Fight Club, Legends of the Fall, and Babylon.

But back in 2007, Brad told BBC during an interview, “I don’t want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films. I can’t see any more nude scenes [in my career].”

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