Steve Harvey mocks Family Feud contestant, puts them in their place: ‘That’s the worst answer you could give!’

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Steve told Kate that her answer was the “worst” possible one she could have given. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comMJT/AdMedia

Steve Harvey wasn’t playing around when he laid down the law to a Family Feud contestant.

Steve knows that not all of his contestants are going to play a straight-laced game.

In fact, Family Feud viewers have grown accustomed to some off-the-wall survey answers from competitors.

Such was the case during a recent episode of Family Feud when Steve asked a player named Kate a survey question.

“Name someone you don’t mind disrobing in front of,” Steve proposed to Kate.

Without hesitation, Kate replied, “My kids.”

Steve Harvey shows off his improv skills

Steve wasted no time poking fun at Kate’s answer, creating an imaginary scene between Kate and her kids.

“Hey, kids, how y’all doin’?” Steve asked the imaginary children while pretending to undress himself.

This time, pretending to flash the kids by opening up his jacket, Steve continued to ad-lib, “What’s happenin? How was school today?”

Family Feud’s producers got in on the action and made the scene even funnier by adding a red “CENSORED” bar over Steve’s nether regions.

The Family Feud audience and both teams got a kick out of Steve’s antics, but he didn’t stop there.

He continued to tease Kate, telling her, “You better put your kids in therapy, I’m tellin’ you.”

Steve was in disbelief that Kate’s answer made it on the board

Luckily for her, though, nine survey participants agreed with her answer, earning her team some points on the board.

“It’s on there!” Kate told Steve, who looked shocked that her answer made it to the board.

“I don’t know how the hell it was on there, cuz I tell ya, that’s the worst answer you could give,” Steve joked.

Family Feud viewers at home watched the segment on Instagram in a Reel captioned, “‘Worst answer you could give.’ #SteveHarvey demos! 🍑😲🍑 Happy Mother’s Day!! #FamilyFeud.”

Most of the commenters on the post sided with Kate, and the consensus was that undressing in front of children wasn’t that big of a deal.

Family Feud viewers react to Kate’s answer

“Children don’t care,” noted @so_effin_ladylike. “They’re more embarrassed for us to see them naked, like we haven’t seen it a million times.”

Another Instagram user added, “Listen them kids don’t be worried about us. 😂😂😂.”

family feud viewers comment on kate's answer on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

One Family Feud fan wrote that “after a certain age,” clothes “be hot and need to come the f**k off.”

“We carried um happy mothers day,” added @mel0899.

Clearly, Steve was just having some fun with Kate, and she was a good sport about her answer, especially since she wasn’t the only one who thought of the answer.

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith
28 days ago

Steve Harvey sucks,always trying to make the show about himself,wish they would replace him