Steve Harvey demands Family Feud contestant apologize for risque answer: ‘What were you thinking?’

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Steve had some fun teasing a Family Feud contestant. Pic credit: ©

A Family Feud contestant caught host Steve Harvey off guard with her NSFW answer.

During a recent holiday-themed episode of the entertaining family gameshow, one competitor’s answer stopped Steve in his tracks and got a rile out of the audience.

A challenger named Jessica and her elderly counterpart Dianne faced off at the podium while Steve proposed, “Name something Mrs. Claus wants for Christmas that can’t be made by the elves.”

Jessica was the first to buzz in and had a little trouble voicing her spicy answer.

Unable to fully express what she wanted to say, Jessica hesitated and answered, “Santa Claus’ um, uh… the stuff, stuff!”

Jessica’s hesitation drew laughter from the crowd as she seemed embarrassed to say what she was really thinking.

Steve Harvey has some fun with a Family Feud contestant’s NSFW answer

She continued to giggle before Steve slammed his cue card down and joked with her, “What are you fittin’ to say with Miss Dianne up here?”

Jessica apologized to Dianne across the podium, who took it in stride, replying, “Miss Dianne forgives you.”

Steve turned toward Family Feud producers next, joking, “Do you see what she’s saying with Miss Dianne standing right here? I’m not saying this.”

Although Jessica didn’t come out and say the answer, Family Feud producers gave her the benefit of the doubt.

The number-one answer on the board read, “Santa’s South Pole,” with 45 people thinking along the same lines as Jessica.

Jessica chose to play the round following her correct answer, and after she returned to her spot with her family, Steve continued to joke with her.

“What’s wrong with you? In front of Miss Diane,” Steve added. “I know your momma raised you better than that.”

Family Feud viewers react to Jessica’s risque response

In response to a clip of the segment on Family Feud’s official Instagram account, viewers appreciated Jessica and Miss Dianne’s sense of humor.

“Mrs Dianne said ‘she maybe old but she aint cold’ she know bout the south stick,” joked one fan of the show.

Another said, “‘South Pole’ is definitely one for the books.”

family feud viewers comment on jessica's answer on instagram
Family Feud viewers found Jessica’s answer humorous. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“The fact its there is hilarious!” another Family Feud watcher wrote.

Steve Harvey has fun with the Family Feud audience during another recent episode

With his comedic background, Steve Harvey always makes Family Feud an entertaining gameshow to watch.

His hilarious commentary cracks up players and audiences alike and certainly spices up mundane moments on the show.

In another recent episode of Family Feud, Steve had some fun with the audience after a contestant’s answer during the final round.

When asked to name the age when men no longer have the strength to “fool around,” a contestant named Melissa’s answer was 35 years old.

Melissa’s answer had zero matching survey responses, and as Steve shared, the number-one answer was 100 years old.

When the audience laughed and clapped at the number-one answer, Steve turned towards them and jokingly exclaimed, “Shut up! It’s the truth!”

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