Steve Harvey blasts Family Feud audience when they applaud contestant’s unlikely answer: ‘Shut up!’

steve harvey on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Steve Harvey had a stern message for Family Feud watchers. Pic credit: ©

Family Feud host Steve Harvey let his viewers know he was displeased they found a number-one answer humorous.

During the final round of a recent episode of Family Feud, a contestant’s answer sparked a rise from the crowd.

The contestant, namedsa, was asked to answer the following question: “At what age does a man no longer have the strength to fool around?”

Melissa’s answer was 35 years old, which produced points on the board but also caused a stir among the audience, who found her response amusing.

After Melissa got buzzed for her non-point-earning answer, Steve revealed that the number-one answer was 100 years old.

This also garnered chuckles from the in-studio spectators.

However, Steve didn’t think it was as funny and turned to the studio audience to clarify that they shouldn’t be laughing.

“Shut up!” he yelled at his crowd with a stern expression on his face. “It’s the truth!”

Family Feud viewers react to Steve Harvey’s humorous interaction with the crowd

Family Feud watchers at home found the exchange between Steve and the crowd to be comical, as evidenced by their comments on Instagram.

Family Feud uploaded a clip of the scene on their official Instagram feed, amassing more than 47,000 likes and hundreds more comments.

Several fans of the show fans reacted to Steve’s comment to the crowd in the post’s comments.

“Lmaoooo after saying 100 was the number one answer Steve goes ‘It’s the TRUTH’ 💀👍🏻,” wrote one Family Feud watcher.

family feud viewers comment on steve harvey's exchange with the audience on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

Another mocked Melissa’s answer, writing, “Idk what world baby lives in but 35 🤯 that’s high season baby.”

“What does he mean it’s the truth?! Bs at least 63,” commented another Family Feud viewer.

Of course, Steve’s reaction was in jest, but he could have fooled us.

Steve has fun with the Family Feud audience after a contestant gives an NSFW answer

With his comedic background, Steve is known for his quick-witted interactions with the contestants and viewers.

During another recent episode, Steve had some fun with the audience with a contestant’s answer.

The question was, “A wife can really cut her husband down to size by making fun of his what?”

A contestant named Lincoln buzzed in with his response, “I’m gonna say his manhood!”

“Lincoln, I don’t know what you mean by that,” Steve joked before Lincoln’s answer was accepted, showing up on the board as “Shrinky Dinky.”

After applause from the players, Steve looked at the audience, pointing his cue cards in their direction, telling them, “Hey, all you women that’s out there clapping, listen to me.”

“Don’t call your man Shrinky Dinky!” Steve warned.

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