Steve Harvey baffled by Family Feud contestant’s answer: ‘Can’t believe how stupid you are!’

steve harvey at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel Los Angeles
Steve couldn’t help but let a Family Feud contestant know how “stupid” they sounded. Pic credit: ©

One Family Feud contestant’s answer left Steve Harvey wondering what in the world they were thinking.

Steve is not one to stay quiet when Family Feud contestants come up with wild and whacky answers, and a recent interaction was no exception.

A contestant, Kyle, took his turn at the podium, going up against his competitor from the other family’s team.

Steve, 67, read the survey question to Kyle and his contender, which asked them to “Name something you would never do again if your wife didn’t force you to.”

Kyle was quick on his buzzer and rang in before his opponent.

When Steve called on Kyle to give his answer, he responded, “Get married.”

Steve Harvey takes aim at Family Feud contestant who joked that his wife ‘forced’ him to get married

Kyle’s answer elicited laughter from the live studio audience, his teammates, and the opposing team.

Steve didn’t seem amused as he tapped his cue cards on the podium and looked away from Kyle briefly before the camera panned to Kyle’s wife, Carla.

“I did not force him to get married,” Carla confirmed.

Steve replied, “It’s okay, Carla,” before he looked at Kyle and delivered a stern message.

“You can’t believe how stupid you are!” Steve told Kyle.

As it turned out, Kyle wasn’t alone in his answer because 11 others surveyed gave the same response, earning Kyle a fourth-place answer rather than a red X and the buzzer.

After Kyle’s correct answer appeared on the board, he jogged over to kiss his wife, and she pretended not to be impressed.

To add to the humor of the clip, shared on Family Feud’s official Instagram, producers added a red stamp that read “DIVORCED” over Kyle and Carla’s image.

Family Feud viewers appreciate the humorous exchange

Family Feud viewers took to the comments section of the Reel, where they expressed how entertained they were by Kyle’s answer and Steve and Carla’s reactions.

One Instagram commenter was amused by Family Feud producers, writing, “It’s the divorced stamp for me 😂😂😂.”

“You know he slept on the couch that night 😂,” added another.

family feud viewers on instagram react to contestant kyle's answer
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

Another Family Feud fan joked that Kyle “surely had the worst month of his life” after giving that answer.

family feud viewers on instagram react to contestant kyle's answer
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“It’s a game, Carla,” joked another Instagram user.

Several other Family Feud viewers expressed amusement with plenty of laughing emojis in the comments section.

Not only is it Steve’s job to overlook the game and make sure Family Feud contestants are playing by the rules, but he also brings his comedic talent to the stage, making for some entertaining episodes.

Steve’s witty comebacks and one-liners have become a staple on the weeknight game show, and Family Feud viewers look forward to his impromptu remarks.

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3 months ago

I hope he’s not “overlook” ing the game.,as far as I’m concerned he should be OVERSEEING the game

3 months ago