Steve Harvey agrees with Family Feud contestant’s Valentine’s Day suggestion: ‘Just go on and get naked’

steve harveyTCA Press Tour held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Steve poses for photographers at a press event at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Family Feud contestants had some fun with their love-themed answers.

Ahead of the most romantic day of the year, Family Feud host Steve Harvey also had some fun with the competitors on stage.

To kick off a new round, Steve walked over to a contestant named Dwayne and asked him to provide an answer to a survey question.

Steve read from his cue card, “Name something that some people think is romantic and others think is corny to do on Valentine’s Day.”

Dwayne wasted no time giving Steve his answer.

“Get naked,” he said with confidence.

Steve Harvey has some fun with a contestant’s Valentine’s Day-themed response

Dwayne’s answer earned him applause from the studio audience as well as his family members.

Of course, Steve had to respond to Dwayne’s answer, pointing at him and telling him, “C’mon, boy.”

“That’s all you got?” Steve asked Dwayne. “Hey, look here, Dwayne. When you can’t think of nothing else…”

“Yes, sir,” Dwayne responded.

Steve raised both arms in the air as he concurred with Dwayne’s answer, telling him, “You just go on and get naked.”

Steve then turned to the audience with his arms still raised, jokingly asking the viewers, “Hey, hey, hey… What are we standing here for?”

Dwayne played along with Steve’s antics, joining in asking the audience, “What are we standing here for? Get naked!”

Pointing up at the board, Steve said, “Dwayne said, ‘Let’s just go on and get naked!'”

Confident in his answer, Dwayne declared, “There it is!” as he pointed to the top six answers on the board.

Despite the laughter that Dwayne’s response elicited, his answer was not one of the top six, earning him an “X” for his team.

Family Feud viewers were entertained by Steve and Dwayne’s on-air exchange

Steve and Dwayne’s interaction caught the attention of Family Feud viewers at home, who watched the scene play out in an Instagram Reel, which was captioned, “Plans for Valentine’s Day?? 🤔❤️👀 #SteveHarvey co-signs Dwayne’s answer!! #FamilyFeud.”

In the comments section, some Family Feud fans were confused as to why Dwayne would have thought “getting naked” would be considered corny.

family feud viewers on instagram react to steve harvey and a contestant's answer
Family Feud watchers reacted to Dwayne’s answer. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“Corny how? 😂😂😂😂😂😂” asked one Instagram user, adding, “Someone should pls explain 🤣🤣🤣.”

Another Family Feud viewer asked, “Who thinks it is corny???”

Other Instagram users questioned how Dwayne’s answer didn’t make it into the top six answers, while some commenters used crying-laughing emojis to express how entertained they were by the on-stage antics.

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