Station 19 season finale guest stars: Cast joined by Patrick Duffy and Nyle DiMarco, while Andy and Sullivan have a moment

Patrick Duffy on Station 19 cast during season finale
Patrick Duffy joined the cast as a guest star on Station 19 during the season finale. Pic credit: ABC

The Station 19 cast dealt with a wildfire in California during the season finale — which included two big guest stars and two big surprises in the final moments, leaving viewers with some cliffhangers.

Season 2, Episode 17 was called “Into the Wildfire” and the narration of it hinted to viewers that it didn’t just refer to the fire itself. There were a number of issues with relationships that also surfaced.

The team from Seattle was called to assist on a wildfire in California and most of Station 19 traveled down to help in the efforts. Montgomery (played by Jay Hayden) was left behind (at first) due to the fight he had that ended the previous episode.

Andy and Sullivan (Jaina Lee Ortiz and Boris Kodjoe) also began to explore their attraction to each other.

Patrick Duffy guest stars on Station 19 cast

When the Station 19 team was asked to protect a neighborhood from the wildfire, they came across a couple that refused to leave their home. One of the characters was played by actor Patrick Duffy, who is famous for his roles on Dallas and Step By Step.

When Duffy’s character makes a mistake while clearing brush, Ben (Jason Geroge) was forced to amputate his hand. At the end of the episode, during an interview to join Medic One, Ben was chastised for doing the amputation outside of a sterile environment.

In order to save themselves from a flash fire, Andy and Sullivan jumped into a pool. While they were submerged, a series of flashbacks were shown of the characters enjoying each other’s company throughout the season.

The story between Andy and Sullivan was addressed at the end of the episode when they began kissing and it appeared they were going to sleep together until Sullivan started experiencing pain in the leg that was injured in the season premiere. He sent her home, which Andy did not take well.

Nyle DiMarco makes appearance

Former America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco also made an appearance on the episode, after posting a pic of himself on Instagram earlier in the day.

His debut saw him play deaf firefighter Dylan, who ended up getting intimate with Montgomery.

At the end of Station 19 Season 2, episode 17, Montgomery was shown trying to cheer up Vic (Barrett Doss), who is still trying to deal with the death of Ripley (Brett Tucker). A knock was heard on the door and the police were there to arrest Montgomery for the fight he had at the bar.

The Station 19 cast certainly has a lot of situations to deal with when Season 3 debuts in fall 2019. The great news is that none of the characters ended the season in peril.

Station 19 Season 2 aired Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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