Station 19 return date: When does show come back on in 2019? Don’t worry, it hasn’t been canceled!

Station 19 fall finale ambulance accident.
The Station 19 fall finale ambulance accident. Pic credit: ABC

The Station 19 return date is going to be a big event later in 2019 — as fans will finally get to see what happens after the dramatic fall finale.

During the last episode of the show, a windstorm hit the Seattle area. It was dealt with on the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy as well, but it was the characters from Station 19 that were out dealing with the elements.

While out on a call, Captain Sullivan and Lieutenant Herrera were forced to battle strong winds as they tried to save a patient. After returning to the ambulance, with the patient now inside, the winds began pushing the vehicle down the road. The show moved to another scene, and when it returned, the ambulance had gone over a cliff.

When does Station 19 come on again in 2019?

The Station 19 return date will deal with the literal cliffhanger from the fall finale. Here’s the bad news, though, as there is still a long wait until the show comes on again in 2019 — meaning we’ve still got quite a while to find out if Robert Sullivan (played by Boris Kodjoe) and Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) survived the storm.

Station 19 returns to ABC on Thursday, March 7, several weeks after the Grey’s Anatomy return on January 17, which will be followed by A Million Little Things and How to Get Away With Murder on Thursday nights.

There are bound to be rumors about Station 19 getting canceled when the show doesn’t return on the same night as Grey’s Anatomy. There is no need for fans to fret, though, as it just provides some more time to binge-watch the first seven episodes of Season 2. That will make the wait for the Station 19 return date less stressful, because the show is indeed coming back.

Station 19 airs Thursday nights on ABC in spring 2019.

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