Star Wars – The Bad Batch: Crosshair’s black armor has ominous undertones

Star Wars - The Bad Batch: Crosshair's black armor has ominous undertones
Crosshair in Star Wars The Bad Batch. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Spoilers follow for the season premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has arrived on Disney+, with the first episode hitting May 4 and the second coming this Friday, May 7.

The series brings back The Bad Batch, Clone Troopers introduced in the last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and makes them the heroes the rebellion needs as the Empire takes over.

However, not all the Bad Batch remain loyal to the Jedi Warriors and the rebels fighting for their lives. One member turned bad and betrayed his fellow clone soldiers in his unit.

Crosshair joined the side of the Empire, and when he attacked the Bad Batch, he hinted at bad things to come.

Crosshair turns against The Bad Batch

Crosshair was the only member of the Bad Batch that still felt the inklings to turn against the Jedi and work with the Empire.

When the Bad Batch were on the planet of Kaller, with the Clone Troopers working with Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her padawan, Caleb Dume, who later becomes known as Kanan Jarrus.

That is when the Bad Batch showed up and saved everyone.

However, at this moment, Emperor Palpatine delivered Order 66, and the Clone Troopers turned on the Jedi and gunned down Billaba. The Bad Batch allowed Caleb to escape, but Crosshair was angry.

The inhibitor chips in the heads of the Clone Troopers triggered and turned them all evil at the same time. These keep the Clone Troopers from having independent thought, and that was clearly something that never worked in the Bad Batch, who always broke orders.

When Palpatine sent out Order 66, these inhibitor chips malfunctioned in the Bad Batch. Only Crosshair felt a sense of following orders, and he eventually turned against his unit.

Is Crosshair the first Dark Trooper?

Moff Tarkin took Crosshair in to look at the inhibitor in his head. He knew that this member of the Bad Batch was the one most likely to follow orders.

He had the signal to the inhibitor amplified until there was no independent thought left in Crosshair.

When Crosshair led other Clone Troopers to kill the Bad Batch, he wore a new costume – black armor. This was similar to the look of a small unit of droids sent into a training exercise with the Bad Batch, all using live rounds.

These all look like they will lead to the Dark Troopers, an almost unstoppable army that last appeared in The Mandalorian. With the look of Crosshairs and his loyalty to his masters, it looks like he might be the start of the Dark Troopers, which Moff Gideon later perfected.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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