Star Wars: Mandalorian favorite shows up in Bad Batch

Fennec Shand and Omega in Star Wars The Bad Batch.
Fennec Shand and Omega in Star Wars The Bad Batch. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars fans got a treat this week when a fan favorite from The Mandalorian showed up in a big way on The Bad Batch.

While The Bad Batch was trying to eliminate the tracking device from their ship, find some food, and get their bearings.

However, once they landed on the planet Pantora, a bounty hunter showed up looking to collect Omega.

Fennec Shand, who fans met in The Mandalorian, made her Bad Batch debut.

Fennec Shand on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

This debut will put many Star Wars fans in a tough spot.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch introduced Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, and Tech to viewers, and they are becoming fast fan favorites. However, they battle Fennec Shand here, and viewers have to take a side.

It is clear Fennec is the villain in this episode, but that should change as the series moves on. She kills several people in this episode, including innocents, proving quickly why she had a reputation as a renowned bounty hunter when she appeared on The Mandalorian.

However, there is more to Fennec Shand than meets the eye.

The Galactic Empire has a bounty out on The Bad Batch, but Fennec had no use for them. She was after a different target — Omega.

This makes it sound like Fennec is working for a different employer, possibly the Kaminoans, who know their future could rest on Omega as a new, updated Clone.

“This is a younger Fennec, she’s new to the bounty hunting scene, and it’s an interesting introduction for her,” producer Jennifer Corbett told Radio Times.

“She definitely comes in with a bang and proves to be a formidable force. It’s been amazing to see her progression. The action that comes with that particular episode… it’s really incredible,” she added.

What is next for Fennec and The Bad Batch?

There is no way this is a one-and-done for Fennec Shand on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

She is after her target, and she proved to be driven in her older years, so she will keep after Omega until she captures her target or realizes there is more to the girl than expected.

Fans definitely want to see more of the bounty hunter in future episodes. Actress Ming-Na Wen seemed very impressed at the rendition of her character in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch drops new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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