Stacey Lee May: Who is the ‘queen of smoke’ from Netflix’s Hyperdrive?

Stacey Lee May on Hyperdrive
Who is Stacey Lee May from Hyperdrive? Pic credit: Netflix

The new reality competition show Hyperdrive has a lot of interesting contestants. And many of them came from a long way to be a part of the new series.

The show, which was shot in Rochester, New York, takes the ideas of American Ninja Warrior and gives it a nitrous boost from the wheels of a race car. Each episode has several competitors enter elimination rounds until they reach the finals.

The second episode had one of the most heart-wrenching moments involving a South African driver named Stacey Lee May and ever since her appearance, people want to know more.

Here is everything to know about Stacey Lee May and why she is so popular.

Who is Stacey Lee May from Hyperdrive?

As heard from the show, Stacey Lee May is from Soweto, South Africa. Her father sold all of his tow trucks just for her to fly to America and be a part of the contest. And it was her first time in the United States when she came to compete.

May also mentions that she began competing in a car sport called “spinning” because her father wanted to help her build confidence. The poor woman was bullied as a child and it made her lose a lot of self-worth.

She was also one of the few contestants who is shown meeting Charlize Theron, who just happens to be an executive producer on the show. The part of the episode which shows the actress surprise May can be watched below.

And Charlize Theron herself was extremely excited about getting to meet the “smoke queen” herself. The Fate of the Furious star expressed her excitement about being a part of the reality show and calling the experience of drifting with Stacey Lee May bucket-list-worthy on her Instagram.

But here are some details not specifically covered on the show. Specifically, the reason she chose the color pink for her car. The reason is rather heartfelt as she explained to KayaFM:

The color of my car represents Breast Cancer Awareness because my grandmother fought breast cancer. Unfortunately, she lost the battle and I am showing people that I support them as they go through this sickness.

And if you think her big heart stops there, it absolutely doesn’t. Ss Kaya FM explains, she also runs a soup kitchen once a month as well as delivers blankets and non-perishables for those who are desperate in her community.

May also told the station that her love for cars stems from her family, explaining, “I was 5 years old when they took me to my first show. Eventually, we fell in love with spinning and we have not looked back since”

For Netflix viewers who are confused about what exactly “spinning” is, the South African driver broke it down to Gas Magazine saying:

Spinning is a sport where you go sideways with your car (BMW325 box shape). You also get stunts in spinning where you get out of a spinning car you can jump in out on top of your car.

She also told the website that the art form was invented by gangsters, and with it being legalized, she hopes to “help them change the name of spinning.”

Does Stacey Lee May win Hyperdrive?

Unfortunately, Stacey Lee May does not make it past the first round due to her car engine being flooded during the walk on water portion of the obstacle. It’s one of the most heart-wrenching and painful moments of the entire series, mainly because of everything she had to go through to be a part of the contest.

But somehow, despite the failure of her vehicle, May has become one of the most talked about stars of the show and the champion over our hearts. Because of this, it is a strong bet that’s her biggest fans might get to see her return. Here’s hoping Stacey Lee May is awarded that chance.

Hyperdrive is streaming on Netflix now.

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