Spy in the Wild uses animatronic animals to capture some groundbreaking behaviour

This monkey is more than meets the eye! Spy in the Wild animatronic monkey
This monkey is more than meets the eye!

Spy in the Wild is a innovative five-part nature miniseries that features some remarkable animatronic spy cameras that are disguised as animals.

A joint effort from PBS and the BBC, the series aims to use these trojan horses to record footage of animals in the wild that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

Not somewhere you'll find a camera operator going
Not somewhere you’ll find a camera operator going

The animatronics help reveal exactly how animals interact with others of their own kind, with some quite amazing revelations. The fake animals witness behaviours that appear to show the animals experiencing emotions like grief and love, as well as them being inventive and sometimes quite sneaky.

Stealth hippo cam
Stealth baby hippo cam

The robotic animals include a Spy Orangutan, Spy Meerkat, Spy Sloth and even a Spy Baby Hippo!

This premiere episode showcases the affection wild dogs, monkeys and elephant show each other.

Watch Spy in the Wild – Love at 8 PM on PBS.

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