Spacetime explained: Exclusive preview of How the Universe Works finale

A fantastic season of How The Universe Works wraps tonight by explaining “spacetime”

Space: The final frontier…no truer words spoken by a voiceover artist as we delve into the mysteries of time and space combined on tonight’s finale episode of How the Universe Works.

The episode attempts to explain a concept many people, unsurprisingly, have difficulty comprehending — “spacetime”. Science Channel has given Monsters and Critics an exclusive preview of this fascinating look at the nature of time and all the ramifications from a science standpoint.

Time, according to theoretical physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists and quantum physicists, is a malleable thing. It twists, bends and is often toyed with in the sci-fi genre as we imagine what it could be like if we traveled backward and forwards.

Tonight’s episode of How the Universe Works looks at how space isn’t empty, but in fact conceals this secret structure called “spacetime” — a “tangible substance [that] bends and stretches, warps, and twists”.

This invisible field of time in motion is what dictates and governs our lives. It has a shaping and molding effect on all the physical structures and platforms that life as we know it exists upon. Spacetime even informs light and energy on how to move throughout the universe.

Expanding faster than the speed of light, the universe’s origins are described in detail by a panel of scientists. Created during the Big Bang, spacetime has been expanding since the beginning, and will determine how our universe will cease to be.

Humanity is simply going along for the ride, although some scientists believe our actions on planet Earth are hastening a process which is otherwise out of our hands. Watch our exclusive preview from the How the Universe Works finale below!

The finale of How The Universe Works airs tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

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