Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul battling Hurricane Florence, hangs with The Weather Channel

Patricia Altschul on Southern Charm
Patricia Altschul is staying in Charleston during Hurricane Florence and she even showed up on the news. Pic credit: Bravo

Patricia Altschul has decided to stay back in Charleston to battle Hurricane Florence. While Altschul is no stranger to the hurricanes that come through the Carolinas, she is the only Southern Charm star that appears to be staying back.

Some of her co-stars, including Austen Kroll, Kathryn Dennis, and Shep Rose have all revealed that they have left Charleston behind. While Austen went to Charlotte, North Carolina, Kathryn went all the way to Nashville.

But Patricia wanted to stay back and battle out the storm. Perhaps she feels that her home can handle whatever Hurricane Florence brings with her.

Charleston isn’t under a mandatory evacuation, but most of the Southern Charm stars still felt it was necessary to leave the city behind, most likely due to the storm surge that could leave Charleston under water.

At one point, Patricia ventured outside, landing herself some time with The Weather Channel host, who simply went by Kevin. When he asked her if she was staying in Charleston, she revealed she was ready for the storm. It sounds like her son Whitney came back to Charleston to battle out Hurricane Florence with his mother.

On Twitter, Patricia shared a video of her son Whitney, playing “Rock Me Like a Hurricane” on his guitar. Before the storm made landfall this morning, Patricia Altschul shared a video of her home on her Instagram profile, revealing that the cars were in the garage, the shutters are closed, the pool was partially drained, and she had stocked up on food and water.

Charleston is not expected to be one of the hardest hit areas, but the city is still expected to see between two and four feet of storm surge and rain. And as we have seen before, hurricanes can change course at the last moment and they often stall, which means that Charleston really could get hit harder than expected.

The storm could easily damage some buildings and homes, particularly Shep Rose’s home as he lives on the beach. Hopefully, Patricia Altschul will stay safe in Charleston as the storm keeps raging on.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus. It will return next year with a brand new season on Bravo.

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