Southern Charm star Craig Conover spills reunion tea

Craig Conover on Watch What Happens Live.
Craig Conover from Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm is over for the season but the reunion is right around the corner. It has been an intense season, with plenty of accusations thrown around from all sides.

Craig Conover stood out this season. He had a few blowups and worked through his issues with Naomie Olindo. Their relationship ended and she moved on, but it looks like these two may stand a chance at being friends, if not friendly at the very least.

During an interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Craig Conover shared a little bit about the Southern Charm reunion and what viewers can expect. Surprisingly, he revealed that he teamed up with Naomie at the reunion and the two are finally at a place where they can be around one another without the awkwardness that viewers saw since their breakup.

When asked about which Southern Charm star changes the most when the cameras start rolling, Craig’s response may surprise viewers. He mentioned Cameran Eubanks right away. She is the narrator of the show and has evolved over the seasons. Cameran is raising her daughter and her partying and drinking has slowed down.

At the reunion, Craig Conover revealed that Cameran was the one he was most disappointed with. She promised she had opinions going in but they were never discussed. It looks like Cameran didn’t say too much and Craig had different expectations for her than she delivered.

The Southern Charm season finale featured Ashley Jacobs blowing up about Patricia Altschul. Craig Conover discussed his opinions on that and even went into depth about how Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend is a little on the crazy side. At one point he calls her delusional and says he believes that she does believe what she says, even if it is wild. Craig believes she is crazy and would be interested to see what a profiler would say about her and a possible diagnosis.

It looks like Craig Conover is off the market. He revealed that he is seeing someone (she was even in his hotel room when he did the interview).

Craig fessed up to a Bravo hookup as well. While no names were revealed, it was confirmed it was not a castmate or a housewife from any of the franchises. Despite rumors, Craig has not hooked up with Kathryn Dennis and he says the two have never even kissed.

Southern Charm airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on Bravo.

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