Southern Charm reunion spoilers: Two cast members accused of drug and alcohol use

Austen Kroll and Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm.
Austen questions Kathryn’s sobriety at the Southern Charm reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 6 of Southern Charm was intense. There was backstabbing and bed-hopping, with a few new faces thrown into the mix. With the season over and the reunion getting ready to air, new accusations about the cast are coming to light.

Kathryn Dennis has been raked through the coals on Southern Charm. From her relationship with Thomas Ravenel to her downward spiral that ended with her losing custody of her kids, the reality star lives life under a microscope.

At the Southern Charm reunion, both Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover are confronted with allegations of drug and alcohol use. While they aren’t tied together, both are targeted by other castmates in the reunion trailer.

During a scene in the Southern Charm reunion trailer, Kathryn Dennis gets very upset when Austen Kroll says something to her. She snaps at him for talking about her sobriety. In another scene, Naomie Olindo is seen telling Kathryn someone saw her drinking somewhere. She is adamantly denying it, but it looks like her friends are concerned.

When the cast trip happened, Kathryn Dennis excused herself from the dinner planned by Austen Kroll. She revealed that she struggled with marijuana in the past and that is what sent her to get treatment. Kathryn was not going to fall back into that space, and she was supported by Craig Conover.

Again, Austen Kroll throws out an accusation when he says Craig Conover is a crackhead. Andy then jumps and asks Cameran Eubanks if she believes that he uses Adderall. That is all the info viewers get from the trailer, though it will likely be discussed more when the show airs and on social media following fans seeing it.

Throwing around accusations of drug use and abuse with the Southern Charm cast isn’t new. Things have been up and down with them since Season 1, though it could damage Kathryn Dennis’ reputation. She is currently battling ex Thomas Ravenel for custody of their two children. She has been down this road before and worked incredibly hard to get where she is today.

Southern Charms airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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